Women are invited to join the LG system for social change



The Center of Excellence for Women’s Studies (CEWS) at the University of Karachi, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights (MoHR), held a Human Rights Awareness Workshop on Monday at the University of Karachi.

Addressing the event, the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Human Rights, Muhammad Arif, briefed the audience on the importance of human rights and said that we should have a set of principles for avoid violations and advised people to protect themselves in ways that guarantee human rights. .

He said everyone is equal before the law but privileged classes exist in every segment of life which is against the constitution and must be subject to law.

Arif explained that the communication gap between parents and children needs to be reduced so that they can talk about the issues. He said children should be confident and aware of police and law enforcement.

He also shared the success stories of famous people in history who fought for the rights of women, children and other disadvantaged members of society. He also stressed that it is the moral duty of citizens to protect the minority rights of people belonging to different religions and ethnicities.

He urged women to initiate their political participation in local government systems so as to reach the policy-making process and bring change in society. He concluded that the MoHR is conscious of resolving issues such as fundamental rights, inheritance, divorce, family law and other related matters.

Meanwhile, the Regional Directorate of Human Rights, Iqbal Pasha, informed that the MoHR deals with various issues related to human rights. He informed that 5,500 cases have been received directly from the ministry, non-governmental organizations and individuals, as the investigation team reaches out to victims and offenders, to triage the cases and bring justice to the innocent. .

Iqbal Pasha said that in Pakistan citizens enjoy many constitutional rights including equal protection of the law, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, inviolability of human dignity, freedom of expression, equality among citizens, preservation of language, writing and much more.

The speakers mentioned that there are many UN international human rights laws which form part of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The workshop aimed to sensitize the targeted academic institutes on human rights in order to improve democracy and leadership, facilitate access to justice and enable people to know their rights as human beings.

Published in The Express Tribune, September 20e2022.


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