Which social networks and communication or dating services deserve your attention in 2022?


Have you ever tried to calculate how much time you spend on the Internet and which online services you use most actively? You can give it up, everything has already been calculated for you.

According to the latest global statistics, a modern person spends 6 hours 58 minutes on the Internet every day. That’s almost a third of the total time of the day. And if we get 8 hours of sleep, it turns out that we spend half of our waking life on the Internet. Surprising!

What are we doing online all this time?

  • 3 hours 20 minutes — watch the video.
  • 2 hours 27 minutes — using social media.
  • 2 hours – reading the news.
  • 1 hour 33 minutes — listening to music.
  • 1 hour 12 minutes — playing video games.

A few extra hours are spent on online radio and podcasts. It would seem that these are quite banal or even routine things, but how much time do we devote to it!? For many, all of their work takes place on the Internet — they’re online for 10-12 hours or more.

The biggest Internet breakthroughs of recent years

The answers to the question “What are your main reasons for using social media” seem interesting:

  • To communicate with friends and family — 47.6%.
  • To pass the time — 36.3%.
  • To learn something new — 35.1%.
  • To find specific content — 31.6%.
  • To find out what people are talking about now — 29.5%.
  • To make new acquaintances — 23.9%.

These numbers make it easy for us to predict and understand which online platforms are most in demand right now – those for staying in touch with loved ones, as well as various entertainment platforms. In January 2022, the main online resources were Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram. TikTok, WeChat, Douyin, QQ and others are following suit. But Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and Quota have a much less active audience.

Even more interesting are the results of the survey “The main reasons why you use the Internet”. It’s not just the social media mentioned above, but the World Wide Web in general.

The results are as follows:

  • To find information — 61%.
  • To keep in touch with friends and family — 55.2%.
  • To read the news — 53.1%;
  • For watching videos, TV shows and movies — 51.5%.
  • To find new ideas and inspiration — 47.5%.
  • To meet new people — 30.5%.

It is observed that more than 30% of modern Internet users are interested in new knowledge on the Web. But rest assured, that number is actually higher. First of all, not everyone is ready to admit that they are looking for a soul mate or new friends on the Internet. And second, that’s not the main goal for everyone. Some choose a different answer, although new knowledge is relevant to them.

The years 2020-2022 show an ultra-fast growth of the video format, why?

That’s not to say that video content was unpopular a few years ago. After all, YouTube has been the world’s most popular video hosting site for many years. But it is in recent years that we have witnessed a truly colossal growth in the video format in all its forms.

For clarity, here are some examples:

  1. Netflix’s capitalization grew by 34% from January to April 2020. And revenues amounted to 7.55 billion dollars against 4.52 billion for the same period in 2019.
  2. TikTok, which almost no one knew about a few years ago, has now become one of the most popular apps on the planet.
  3. More and more social media are focusing on video content – Reels on Instagram, Stories on Facebook and other social networks similar to Stories on Instagram, etc.

Indeed, today’s younger generation often uses YouTube instead of Google. Because here you can find answers to almost any question, find out necessary information and learn something new. Video is taking over the world!

It is not surprising that the video format has started to be implemented even by sites where it was not originally available and the developers did not prioritize adding it before. Very good examples are dating sites and apps.

How Dating Services Started Implementing Video Chat and Its Popularity Soared

To begin with, it should be said that during the pandemic and quarantine, the popularity of dating sites has increased rapidly. Some platforms, such as Tinder or Badoo, have shown an active audience increase of double, triple or even more. According to forecasts by the Statista portal, by 2024 the number of active users on dating services will exceed 276.9 million people. That’s more than the population of Indonesia.

The coronavirus pandemic has also contributed to the rapid growth of online dating services. It changed the basic dating format and brought video communication to the fore. Having lost the opportunity to fully communicate in real life, users migrated to the Internet. But ordinary messaging is not able to satisfy a person’s need for communication. As a result, everyone started using video chat. Dating site and app developers have been quick to react to this and have added video chat features to their sites. Tinder, Badoo, Bumble – all now fully support video calling and video dating.

As dating services worked on new features, for many, video chat services became popular. That is, sites and apps where you can communicate with random users from all over the world through a video link.

The sudden video chat boom and why it became so important

In psychology, there is the term “attention span” – it is the time a person is able to focus their attention before being distracted. The modern pace of life shortens the attention span – we absorb information as quickly as possible and move on just as quickly. As a result, many simply don’t have the time or inclination to sit for hours on a dating site, fill out a profile, upload photos, chat, etc. Everyone wants to get to know each other quickly and efficiently. And this is where video chat becomes a real salvation.

Online video chat is a platform that does not require any additional actions from you. No registration, no profile filling, no quiz questions answered — nothing! You have just started a video chat and within a second you are talking to a stranger. Convenient, fast, and often free or inexpensive compared to dating apps where you have to pay for almost every action.

Some online video chats have shown huge growth rates over the period 2020-2022. These were mainly Chatroulette, OmeTV, Bazoocam, online video chat CooMeet, Camsurf, ChatAlternative and some others. Here, the audience has increased by an average of 200 to 300%. And for some video chats even more!

Back in the 2010s, when video chat sites were just starting to appear, they were pretty primitive, with hardly any search parameters and frankly poor moderation. Today, in many ways, video chats have succeeded in overtaking the usual dating apps. For example, in CooMeet video chat, moderation is higher than most dating apps. And on OmeTV, you can set up a search for another user by gender and location with just a few clicks. Try it, you will definitely like this communication format.

Video chat is now usable and rewarding

The Internet is changing, you must have noticed. But sometimes these changes are so rapid and global that many simply do not have time to adjust to them. And often it is better for an ordinary person to use a proven classic. For example, don’t look for the latest dating apps that only work for a few months, but use video chat, which is already well established and certainly won’t give you bad surprises.

Value your time, choose the best dating sites, compare, analyze, evaluate the real advantages and disadvantages especially for yourself. And then you will definitely find the perfect dating service for you. Whether it’s a classic dating app or an online video chat is another question.


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