What are the words most associated with Sergio Massa in social networks


Network Policy Consulting Firms Analyzed “The spirit of public conversation involving Sergio Massa“, Referring to the Minister of the Economy for this using publications on social networks. So far in August, close to average Ten thousand users refer to it dailyeven if the president Alberto Fernandez He remains the most prominent politician in the country.

The analysis also included tracking the words most associated with the wart. Pancake, Gnocchi, Campora, Smoke, People, Energy, Retired, People, We Are and Jet, in that order, are most associated with MinisterFor the conclusion, posts from July 1 to August 11 were taken into account.

For Sergio Massa’s assessment, 52.4% express a negative emotion And the emphasis is on the fact that it reflects political ambition, whereas 26.4% of users express a positive sentiment to his person.

Sergio Massa 20220812
These Internet users who support him “acknowledge sharing his ideology with his management and wish him success in the immediate challenge which stabilizes the economy”.

The consultant pointed out that Massa’s social media posts “had a positive impactTo provide citizens with information and a sense of certainty that their predecessors had not achieved”.

However, according to this work, users belonging to the Fronte de Todos are those who express their initial disapproval of the latest measures and decisions informed by Sergio Massa.

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