[Voices of Galaxy] Meet the Bolivian women driving social change with skateboards and smartphones – Samsung Global Newsroom


Voices of Galaxy shines a spotlight on people who are using their passion, creativity and determination along with technology to positively impact their own lives and their communities.

For ImillaSkate, skateboarding is more than a sport, it’s a philosophy of life. As nine women in their twenties, ImillaSkate decided to use her passion for skating to instill a renewed sense of pride in cholitas, indigenous Bolivian women who have not always been embraced by society. put on pollerasthe traditional skirts of their cholita culture, they took to the streets on their boards and used smartphones to capture their cause every step of the way. Today, Galaxy technology helps them continue to grow and interact with even more people around the world on social media, opening up new possibilities for them. From dynamic skating videos to important updates on their impact, smartphones are their most important tool to amplify their message of inclusion.

This is the story of Galaxy users Elinor Buitrago, Belen Fajardo, Fabiola Gonzales, Brenda Mamani, Huara Medina, Susan Meza, Estefanny Morales, Daniela Santivanez and Deysi Tacuri – collectively known as ImillaSkate – who want the world celebrate and embrace cholitas and women everywhere, both on and off skateboarding.


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