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Immerse yourself in a revival in the blink of an eye

Many games have attempted to capture the charm and quaint interactions of ancient online forums, from AIM to webrings and message boards. Videoverse takes the same nostalgic approach, mixing aspects of the Miiverse and other gaming console networks.

The last of One night stand developer Kinmoku (thanks for the spot, NintendoLife), Videoverse is a throwback to the early days of the internet where online fan forums and social networks built into consoles were all the rage.

games like Hypnospace Outlaw and Emily is away have harnessed older forms of online communication to tell stories before, and often with good results. Videoverse Aims squarely at Miiverse-style message boards, with a few MSN messengers and classic message boards mixed in for good measure.

The whole affair unfolds in a pixelated tone that kinda reminds me of horror world. It also contains some tunes from kill the arrow and kind words‘Clark Aboud.

Status update

Videoverse plans to be a decision-based narrative adventure, approximately six hours in length. There are also several side stories and other things to play around with, like your avatar and your personal quote. I hope I can set ambiguous song lyrics as profile quote. You know, for the sake of authenticity.

Accessibility options are also on board, with closed captions, self-spoken, colorblind-friendly themes, and clear fonts.

I’m pretty into that ground, both in his face and the more I read into it. Up front, it’s nostalgic and fun, with gorgeous art styling and a great concept. The more I dig, the more I appreciate the fun little hints you can see in the interface and the variety of designs featured on the in-game store page. Videoverse A lot of nostalgia for this era of internet interaction could resurface, and I’m interested to see what story Kinmoku tells with.

Videoverse doesn’t have a date set yet, but “coming soon”. You can list it on Steam here.


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