Unexpected social media message from Marcelo Gallardo’s ex


Amid courtship rumors between Marcelo Gallardo and sports journalists Alina MonkoA few days ago, the River Plate coach was consulted about his current relationship with his ex-wife Geraldine the roseIt was precisely the panelist Luli Fernandez who communicated with El Muneco and showed the cat.

“I respect and appreciate the mother of my children, she is an excellent mother and person, but there is no reconciliation”, Crorepati Murthy replied last week. And, before the question that connects him to ESPN Cycle, the host of the Sports Center, he replied: “I’m single, we have a beautiful friendship with Alina.”

However, despite the fact that they are no longer together, the mother of the club’s millionaire manager’s children continues to celebrate her former partner’s exploits. A photo of Gallardo was uploaded to his stories over the past few hours, of which he wrote: “The river is coming to an end. Faith, attitude, come on. In this sense, and when he confirmed that he was single, reconciliation rumors with roses.


Marcelo Gallardo He separated five years ago from his wife of thirty years, with whom he had three children: Nahuel, Matias and SantinoHowever, in this period of estrangement, the couple tried to reconcile and they did. Benjamin, Although they are not together, a good relationship has always been maintained between them, for the sake of their children. Even the youngest in the family had ten days back three years ago and everyone celebrated together.

On this occasion, La Rosa shared several family postcards suggesting a reconciliation had taken place and days later the former footballer clarified in a chat with Luli Fernandez that was not the case. As well as clarifying that there was no relationship, he said: “I don’t like to talk about my personal life, but these are situations that other people are involved in and that’s why I choose to answer. I cannot take responsibility for what others do or show. I take responsibility for what I say and do,

but it’s not the first time Geraldine La Rosa shares family postcards And winks at the coach on social media. Just a few weeks ago, when Rivers reached the knockout stages of the Argentine Cup, she shared an Instagram story in which her son Benjamin was seen cheering on his father, shouting “Muneco, Muneco… ” Is. “Because a great champion needs a solid fight to come back. We love you, your family”It was written next to the video.

A few days ago, also consulted by the chakra of Rodrigo Lusich and Adrian Pallares, Alina Monko Told: “I’m all alone now” And about the rumors that brought Gallardo closer to his ex, he said: “MG and I, honestly, we are very good friends. It’s by no means fair for me to answer something about his personal life, let’s call him Marcy.


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