Tinelli’s defense by Jorge Rial after his social media origin


arrival of Marcelo Tinelli The small screen was delivered on schedule. both him and Others He hit a two-point ratings handicap and the Bolivar man didn’t disappoint with his 15.1 points, which he got on his debut. sing with me now

We talked a lot about the format, a lot of people gave their opinion, and one of them was George Rial. It just so happened that throughout the afternoon, via Twitter, a hashtag was put up urging Tinley to blackout. Especially when people change channels and don’t watch it, so it doesn’t work properly.

“Since the TV blackout may not have worked for Marcelo Tinelli. Get out of here, real life is on the other side. The rial started in the social network of the little bird. At the same time, he pointed out that with his reality show he managed to beat argentinian voiceWhat call He kept the same schedule, in more of a close fight. It should be noted that he will definitely drop and there, we have to see what the destination is.

in contrast silver, Driver analyzed what comes from the network with Tinley’s connection to Kirchnerism. “The truth is that it’s not the best time to come back. I think if they had given him a chance to choose, he would have preferred another time. People identify Tinelli with this government. People don’t take it off the day they came to the table against hunger,” started.

Message from Jorge Rial on Tinelli’s debut (Photo: Twitter)

“He throws it over his head all the time. There is no forgiveness with this terrible economic crisis. He also didn’t forget that he visited his mansion in Esquale on the first day of the harsh quarantine, which could not happen, What I’m looking for is a ride that will be difficult. Yes, maybe it’s because La Voz Argentina is established and consolidated in a very good rating, but I see that more difficult than anything else,” he concluded.


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