This is the best way to prevent your social networks from being hacked

Social networks are widely used platforms for communicating on the Internet, obtaining information, promoting a company, etc. Many options are available to you, such as Facebook, Twitter or instagram. But undoubtedly one of the usual issues is security. Account intruders can pose a significant risk to our personal data. what to do for prevent social media hacking? In this article we are going to talk about a fundamental advice to be protected.

Two-step authentication, key in social networks

It is two-step authentication or also called multi-factor authentication or 2FA. It is an important security barrier that we can add to social networks and other platforms on the Internet to prevent anyone from entering. Basically, this means that someone, even if they steal the password, would have to enter a second code to gain access to Facebook, Twitter or any other social network that supports this security measure.

This is very interesting because there are many types of attacks they can use to steal the password and get in. For example phishing attacks, which use bait sent by e-mail so that we fall into the trap and steal the key. They can also use keyloggers, which are responsible for recording everything we write. Even use brute force to guess the password.

In all these cases, the two-step authentication will prevent an attacker from entering this platform. If you get the access key by any method, you will need to complete a second requirement. This will prevent us from being hacked and entering social networks without our permission.

How do I enable two-step authentication? To do this, you will have to enter the configuration of the social network and access the security section. For example in Facebook you have to go to the menu at the top right, click on Settings and privacy, Settings and go to Security and connection.

Once you are there, you need to go to Use two-step authentication. You need to click on Edit and different options will appear: authenticator app, SMS and security key. Any of them will increase your security, although the most advisable is to use 2FA requests.

Similarly, you can protect Instagram account with 2FA and other social networks. The goal is to achieve maximum protection and prevent intruders.

Other security measures

Two-step authentication is most effective measure to prevent your social networks from being hacked today. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only option to protect your accounts and avoid problems. It is also convenient that you use official apps otherwise you might use maliciously modified software.

Another important point is to have the protected device. Always use a good antivirus, as this way you can detect the entry of malware that can be used to steal your social networks. There are many options, free and paid, but you should always choose one that is guaranteed.

Also you should have All updated. They can sometimes exploit vulnerabilities and bugs. Always install the latest version of the system, as well as any application you have on your computer. This will also help protect your accounts.


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