They create indoor clothing committed to social change


If you want to support a sustainable business that does good in the world, consider Eavolu. It’s a loungewear brand that does good beyond production and packaging. Eavolu, along with a growing number of other companies, partners with organizations committed to environmental and social change.

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With each purchase of their high-end loungewear, Eavolu donates a portion of its profits to organizations. Some of the organizations support environmental sustainability while others support women and children facing homelessness.

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In addition, Eavolu designs minimalist clothing that can be used for daily life, exercise and relaxation. The line includes all the essential clothing items one might need. Additionally, their garments are designed, produced and packaged in the USA and are made from sustainably sourced “eco-luxury” fabrics. They are built to last and are packaged in compostable packaging to reduce packaging waste and environmental pollution.

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So, what is an “eco-luxury” fabric? Eavolu sources fibers and fabrics from local and sustainable suppliers. The fabric is a high quality Supima Cotton and Tencel fabric with only 3% spandex for a slight stretch. The fabric and the timeless style of the garments are designed to be worn for many years and then recycled. Additionally, Eavolu garments have deep pockets (all but the 2nd Collection Tee) to hold phones and keys. You can use these clothes to store things for quick errands or to get to the gym.

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Plus, the clothes are designed to fit multiple body types, with sleeves and cuffs that push out or roll up for those with shorter arms. Their pants have fold-down waistbands and the ability to roll up the bottom hem of the pants to make them shorter. Shirts can also be worn as tunics or dresses, depending on the wearer’s size and preference.

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Eavolu is slow fashion, with every part of product design taking sustainability into account: design, fabric selection, packaging and manufacturing. You can read more about Eavolu fabrics on their Eavolu Signature Fabrics page.

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