The Tes Quiz: Social Media and the Six Nations


Welcome to February! The evenings are getting lighter and lighter, we are getting closer to half term and this year’s Six Nations Championship is about to begin. And to celebrate, we have another set of devilishly difficult puzzles to solve.

This week our 10 questions will test your gray matter, covering everything from music to mythology, rugby to football and historical events to current events. So get your staff room or classroom quizzes ready and get ready to rumble.

This week’s questions

1. On February 4, 1948, Ceylon gained its independence from Great Britain. How did the country finally change its name?

2. Which team won the Six Nations rugby tournament in 2021?

3. sci-fi epic Dunes was nominated for 11 Baftas – who wrote the original source novel?

4. In Norse mythology, which of the gods was the father of Thor and Loki?

5. Yaoundé is the capital of which country, whose national football team played in the semi-final of the Africa Cup of Nations this week?

6. Facebook launched in February 2004 – which played founder Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 film The social network?

seven. What iconic Greek lasagna-like dish is traditionally topped with slices of eggplant?

8. Which singer-songwriter, currently involved right away with Spotify, had success with big yellow taxi and Free man in Paris?

9. Upcoming TV Show Dragon House serves as a prequel to which successful fantasy series?

ten. In an alphabetical (AZ) list of the 50 US states, which would appear last?

Scroll down for answers. And if you fancy more puzzles, check out some of Your‘ other recent quizzes below…


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