The sensory world of animals; Motherhood as social change


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Human sensory experience is limited. Travel the world animals know: In his new book, A huge worldscience writer Ed Yong explores the diversity of perception in the animal world, including echolocation, magnetic fields, and ultraviolet vision.

Age is just a number in Sundance hits “Leo Grande” and “Cha Cha Real Smooth”: Emma Thompson stars as an older woman who hires a young sex worker in Good luck to you, Leo Grande. Dakota Johnson is a single mother who was wooed by a recent college grad in Cha Cha really smooth.

Raising children is “essential work”. It is also lonely, exhausting and expensive: In her book, author Angela Garbes argues that child-rearing work has always been undervalued and underpaid in the United States. Then came the pandemic, and everything became more difficult.

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Human sensory experience is limited. Travel the world animals know

Age Is Just a Number in Sundance Hits ‘Leo Grande’ and ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’

Raising children is “essential work”. It’s also lonely, exhausting and expensive

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