The positive effects of social networks in society, not everything is bad


Social networks have the same stigma as video games, since part of society considers them a bad influence on young people. Every time something happens that they can be minimally tied into, they’re attacked in some way, multiple times, somewhat for free.

Nobody is saying that social networks are perfect and that they don’t have their mistakes, and that they can also be used for things that are not entirely legal, but if we really stop to think about everything in this life, it can be used in an unethical way.

Practically, we all have some kind of social network, even those who criticize it so vehemently.

We can consider that the influence of social networks on young people is quite great, but it is also true that by using it with common sense, it can have its positive side.

As happens in almost everything around us in this life, social networks have their negative parts, it’s obvious, but they also have a lot of positive things.

This is why today we are going to list everything that social networks have good for society.

we can make friends

One of the great virtues of social networks is the ability they have given us to to make friends. Before they existed, this whole subject was more complicated, unless you were an extremely outgoing person.

The first step was taken by smartphones, then social networks appeared and the whole matter of starting conversations with other people became much easier.

Moreover, they could find friendships which, due to life circumstances, were lost many years ago.

Social media also lets people who went to school with us, people who lived in your old neighborhood, and even former co-workers we’ve lost track of how life was.

We are clear that they are not friends in the strict sense of the word, but it is true that many of these people have played an important role in our lives, so it is interesting to be able to hear from them again.

On the other hand, you may have met people you have never seen in person, but that doesn’t mean you could have connected and we now consider you our friend.

faster communication

In the situation in which we live today, we have much less time to dedicate it to the people around us, because work commitmentsabove all.

Once work permits, we all dedicate our time to those closest relatives, that is, our partner, our parents, or our children.

Social networks have enabled many other people who we cannot see on a regular basis can know what our situation iswhat we think, where we are or what our mood is and all this almost instantly.

For example, writing a tweet takes us a few seconds and it will let many of our friends know what is happening to us at that exact moment.


Although it sounds like a cliché, it’s true that social media can end some relationships. But it is also true that the other side of the story can happen, which is that people who might never have met otherwise can start a relationship.

Social networks can put us in touch with ppeople who have a lot in common with us and it’s usually a good starting point for a possible more intimate relationship.

Moreover, in the event that social media manages to break up a relationship, it should also make us believe that it may not have been as solid as we thought and that despite the pain of the breakup, the result final is the best for the sequel. .

like people of spirit

Regarding the previous point, we can assure you that social networks can help you find someone. people who share your same interests. For example, Facebook asks us from the start to reveal what we like, so that the network can more easily find people who have similarities with us.

We agree that this fact requires us to share information and give up some of our privacy, but we also understand that we do not give out overly sensitive data and that they can allow us to find people who have a lot in common with us, so they made friends.


Social media can also be used to encourage empathythat is, if someone we share our networks with is not at their best, always we can make her feel valued, listened to and above all supported.

When we share a part of our life where things are not going well for us, people on our social networks can help us solve the problem or just listen to us, which is also extremely necessary.

It is possible that one of these people has experienced the same thing as you or something similar, and they can help you in the best way, because they know exactly what is going on.

very close

Apart from the fact that social networks allow us communicate with close friends, family, or people we haven’t seen in a whileit can also help us to easily communicate with people all over the world.

It may well be having a friend who has a lot in common with us, but who lives thousands of miles away. Social networks have the effect that these distances do not exist and we can all communicate closely.

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Clearly the news has arrived another broadcast point thanks to social networks, because on many occasions we can have first-hand information, which does not pass through the filters that some media often have.

We can also talk about Fake News and the devastating consequence that many people believe in this type of news. but as we said above, there is no better way to be in social networks than to see everything as common sense.

Often the problem is not the fake news itself, but the fact that there is many users who are ready to believe anything as long as they agree with what they think, even if they are clearly wrong.

In any case, social networks have more and more filters so that this type of fraudulent news cannot spread.

But what is clear is that in the sense of reliable information and especially first-hand information, social networks help this information to reach further, faster and without the interference of governments or the media.

All this shows that as with all things in life, in social networks we are going to have positive and negative things. but the good thing would be that from society we can use what is going to be good for us without feeding what can harm us.


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