The hippest social media chef is Lebanese


At only 23 years old, Abir Al-Saghir stood out on Tik tok, becoming the trendiest leader on social networks. She now has 7.5 million followers on the platform and 80 million views. Discover this extraordinary chef who is nicknamed “the Arab Disney princess”!

A graceful culinary journey

The young woman won over her fans with original and delicious content. Indeed, Abir honors recipes from all over the world, dressed in a traditional dress of the chosen country and accompanied by music closely linked to its culture. The Lebanese is known for her grace, her simplicity, her attention to detail and above all for her imagination, hence the nickname given to her by her fans: “the Arabian Disney princess”.


الكبة الموصلية 🇮🇶#Iraq #العراق #كبة_موصلية #abirzkitchen #ramadan2022

♬ original sound – بنت حمص العدية 💚❤️🖤

The Arab cultural heritage highlighted

The content of Abir particularly favors the discovery of Arab heritage, around food, fashion and music. The tiktokeuse considers her videos as trips. According to her, her cuisine is a shuttle through time that crosses all cultures. A graduate in interior engineering, Tik Tok offers her the opportunity to share her passion with a large audience, in front of which she expresses herself. his creativity, his generosity and his convictions.


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