The button between social networks has been removed by many large companies, so that people no longer trusted the online network


Several years ago, the possibility of using a Facebook account on different sites was very popular. However, as there is growing concern about social media, it is becoming more and more popular, and the permission button via Facebook credentials will suddenly disappear from big company websites. For example, it was removed from Dell, Best Buy, Ford Motor, Nike, Pottery Barn, Twitch and others.

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Dell noted that people are not using social media login due to your concerns about their data privacy. The removal of the Facebook login feature is another sign that Meta* has lost its influence on the web in recent years. The company’s advertising company has suffered in the past, due to changes to Apple’s privacy policy and the success of competitors, especially in telecommunications.

The company suffered reputational damage after documents were published online suggesting that Meta* knew many of its products were harmful to users, including teenagers. The results of the second quarter in three months are expected to decline.

LoginRadius, a spokesperson for the login management platform, said a Google Account was the preferred login option for North American users this year. According to available statistics, 38.9% of users have used Google. For Facebook*, the Social Media account used 38.7% of the time. The company noted that many companies see the possibility of authorization via social networks as a promising way to attract a large audience, but in the past this trend has changed, some of which have caused a loss of confidence in Facebook* .

* In the list of public/family associations, and organizations that have had the final decision to suspend or suspend activities on the basis of the provisions of Federal Law No. 114-FZ of July 25, 2002 / On the fight against extremist activities, the court agreed to decide whether to ban or stop terrorism.

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