The bishop emeritus of Saltillo, Francisco Villalobos, is sacked on social networks


SALTILLO, COAH.- The Catholic community of Mexico pulled the Bishop Emeritus of Saltillo Francisco Villaloboswho passed away at the age of 101 on Thursday evening, and expressed condolences to family, friends and congregants who served as pastor.

“We pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, receive him and reward him with his Kingdom, for his generous service and pastoral devotion for the good of the people entrusted, and to all of us who pilgrim in time, we beg him to comfort us in this tribulation with the hope of eternal life”expressed in a statement on Conference of the Mexican Episcopate.

For his part, the Diocese of Saltillo reported the death on the night of February 3 and thanked Monsignor Francois Villalobos delivery to your parishioner: “May the angels take you to paradise, when you arrive the martyrs welcome you and introduce you to the holy city of Jerusalem”.

Also Bishop Emeritus of Saltillo Raúl Vera López He expressed his feelings on the occasion of the death of his pastoral companion.

“I join in the thanksgiving of the People of God and of the family of Monsignor Villalobos, for the fruitful and gracious blessing that it meant for everyone, to have the fruits of the tireless apostolic zeal, which Francis himself was able to see during his long life”wrote brother Raul Vera.

Other religious congregations joined in messages of mourning, prayers for the rest of the Bishop Emeritus of Saltillo Francisco Villalobos and gratitude for years of pastoral service.

“We ask God for his eternal rest and we are grateful that during his 101 years of life and 50 years of episcopal ministry, he built the Kingdom of God where he served”published on Guadalajara Diocesan Seminarywhere Monsignor Villalobos was rector in the 1960s.

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Him too Black Stones Seminar recalled the trajectory of 25 years as Bishop of Saltillo and 21 others like bishop emeritus of Saltillo, as well as his humble, charitable and faithful attitude towards the people of God.

“We remember him and raise our prayers for his eternal rest. Eternally grateful to God for this great pastor, to whom we also owe the beginnings of our diocesan seminary in Piedras Negras”he pointed.

public officials of Saltillo and Coahuila mourned the death of Monsignor Villalobos and offered their condolences to family, friends and the Catholic community of the entity.


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