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Dear popular readers,

I have been writing for since 2008 because rabble is a valuable source of information and a critical space for discussion and debate in the Canadian media. It supports the work of authentic journalism and grassroots social movements.

Mainstream media are increasingly less interested in reporting difficult news and opinions, leaving the key issues that matter to us out of the political discourse. Opinions that are not aligned with official positions and the mainstream narrative would be completely ignored if there were no independent journalism.

rabble provides a platform for a variety of opinions – from dissenting critiques to thought-provoking ideas, amplifying the hard work of often underrepresented voices and stories. I am proud to have my voice included.

That’s why I’m writing to ask you to support rabble’s ambitious annual fundraiser. people are reporting on the issues that matter to all Canadians, and this is only possible with the generous support of people like you – please join our community of dedicated and passionate changemakers.

If you are already a monthly contributor or have recently made a donation, on behalf of everyone at rabble, I want to thank you for your generosity and continued commitment to independent journalism. If you can afford to make an additional donation today, you will help expand the reach of the populace even further in 2022.

The current economic climate makes it extremely difficult for independent media to survive. Constantly challenging mainstream stories or bringing new voices and angles to readers is hard work and yet the populace does it daily and reaches hundreds of thousands of readers – all of this is only possible through people like you who are involved in bringing about real change.

Every contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference. And that’s why I think it’s important for you to support the populace not just by reading their quality journalism, but by supporting and contributing to it. is not just an information website, where you read the information and then browse. rabble is a community of activists, journalists, educators, politicians… ready to challenge you, inform you, educate you and share with you the dream of a better society.

You can help people maintain an important venue for writers like me and amplify the stories and voices Canadians need to hear today, to help build a better future tomorrow.

Thank you,

Monia Mazigh


Member of the Board of Directors

PS Support the populace today with a Don and/or by sharing this letter with your friends and family. Anything you can do to help broaden the reach of the populace will support transformative political action through quality journalism.


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