Stories that lead to transformational social change come to the main stage at the Clinton Global Initiative


Storytelling is central to the Skoll Foundation’s approach to supporting social innovators, rooted in founder Jeff Skoll’s belief that a well-told story has the power to inspire, spur action to seek solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. The Skoll Foundation has always maintained that hopeful, human-centered storytelling that elevates the voices of social innovators and expands what people think is possible helps fuel transformational social change.

During the Clinton Global Initiative 2022, the Skoll Foundation will co-host the CGI Story Studio, which will take place during the week of the United Nations General Assembly in New York. CGI brings together, connects and catalyzes leaders from government, business, philanthropy, grassroots organizations, media and academia to commit to action.

As part of this larger event, Story Studio seeks to harness the power of storytelling to spark social change by curating a unique set of inspiring stories from artists, trailblazers, barrier breakers, innovators and those on the front lines of our toughest collective challenges. From pandemic response to climate change and economic inequality, the Story Studio will focus on putting human stories at the center of solutions.

The Skoll Foundation is pleased to host a four-hour Story Studio segment focusing on TRUST. Trust is the basis of connection; it is the impact velocity; and it is one of our most basic and increasingly valuable human needs. Trust builds friendships, families, communities, institutions and societies. It’s the connective tissue between them. Its absence – or its fracture – can change everything. We will welcome four storytellers who have tapped into the power of trust to break down barriers, cultivate transformation, and create new pathways to connection and impact.

Guest speakers will include Lou Louis KobojiFounder and Director, Kajo Keji Health Training Institute of Uganda; Alessandra OrofinoExecutive Director, NOSSAS of Brazil; Rodney FoxworthCEO, Common Future of the United States, and Rahul Jain, filmmaker, Invisible Demons of India. Through history and connection, we will not only be able to chart a course forward on complex issues, but also become a model for collective and communal action in an increasingly divided world.

Learn more about Alessandra Orofino (2022 Skoll Prize winner) and her work with NOSSAS in our short documentary:

Learn more about Rodney Foxworth (also a 2022 Skoll Prize winner) and his work with Common Future in our short documentary:

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