Spider-Man hero announces he’s quitting social media to take care of his mental health


Tom Holland opens up about his mental health on Instagram

The 26-year-old British actor, best known for playing Peter Parker in the Spider-Man films, recently took to his social media to talk about mental health and his decision to delete Twitter and Instagram from his phone. Uploaded a video. ,

At the start of his appearance, the young man nervously remarked that he “was trying to make this video for an hour, and for someone who was past the last, I don’t know, 13/14 or so.” How long did I spend? I played for a long time. what am i doing? Yes, it may be that long. I can’t say what to say without refilling every 5 minutes, so I’ll try again.

In the post, which has garnered over 18 million views, the actor explained that he is “taking a break from social media for my sanity” as he finds it “Twitter and Instagram are too empowering and overwhelming”assured that “Pain” And because of that, he often spirals when he reads about himself online.

“It’s very harmful to my mental state, so I decided to take a step back and delete the app,” the actor concluded.

“Asking for help shouldn’t be awkward, but it’s a lot easier said than done”, continues to talk to his more than 67 million followers. It was Holland’s first appearance on the Instagram social network after his inaction.

Hi and bye… I’m taking a sanity break from social media, but felt compelled to come here to talk about @stem4org. Stem4 is one of many charities that @thebrotherstrust is extremely proud to support, and I’d like to take a moment to highlight their fantastic work. Please take the time to watch my video, and I would greatly appreciate if you would like to share it with someone you may like. I have a link in my bio for The Brothers Trust Shop where you can buy a T-shirt and help us make these wonderful charities flourish. I love you all, and let’s talk mental health ️

In the post accompanying the video, the actor wrote that “@stem4org is one of the many charities that @thebrotherstrust is proud to support, and I want to take a moment to highlight their fantastic work.” The verse ended with the phrase, “I love you all, and let’s talk mental health ️.”


Holland isn’t the first actor to speak out about mental health and the impact of social media on it.

In 2016, singer Justin Bieber closed his Instagram account, after receiving criticism from his fans for his relationship with his 17-year-old girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

In September 2018, it was Selena Gomez’s turn. At only 26 years old, the singer decided to say goodbye to the virtual world, because of the damage caused by the negative messages she received. “I’m grateful for the voice that social media gives each of us, I’m also grateful to be able to step back and live my current life. Remember that negative comments can hurt someone’s feelings. can hurt.”wrote goodbye to the actress with her smiling photo.

The newspaper El País explained that exactly one month later, in October, the interpreter of Naturally entered a Psychiatric center after suffering emotional distress,

Millie Bobby Brown also deleted part of her social network.

One of the 2018 incidents was that of Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown. The girl who was only 14 at the time, After his image was used, without permission, in memes with baseless gay messages, he quit Twitter and TikTok. In these, he was accused of being against gay rights. Despite her decision, the interpreter of Eleven continues to maintain her Instagram profile, where she has more than 57 million followers.

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