Social Status x Nike Air Max Penny 1 “Recess” in Black


What’s up, everyone? ! It’s your boy Legendary Lade back with another episode for “Kickin Facts!” This week I write about one of the best sneakers of all time – the Air Max Penny 1 by Anthony Hardaway. This time they’ve been given a makeover by Social Status and The Whitaker Group. If you follow this column, you’ll see The Whitaker Group come back often and that’s because they’ve been behind some of the most innovative sneaker collaborations of the past couple of years. So if you’re still unfamiliar, find out! The result of what they were able to create – the Nike x Social Status Air Max Penny 1 “Recess” – is the perfect example of how you can update a classic while staying true to the original design.

Anthony Hardaway aka Penny started his NBA career and partnership with Nike in 1993 and two years later the Airmax Penny 1s arrived. Since that first outing, the “Pennies” have been considered instant classics for their desirability on and off the court. For this new iteration, Hardaway wanted to update the details while keeping the feeling of a sneaker that felt like it belonged in 1995. The result is a change in the Nike Swoosh, which is not gelled like the original and is also interchangeable with multiple colors, including red, yellow, distressed lime green, and even a pebble brown. Elsewhere, the sneaker stays true to form with a mostly durabuck (synthetic leather) upper, air bubbles in the heel and the ice blue outsole, which nods to ’90s Nike sneakers.

You can always count on The Whitaker Group to add their own personal touch, and that translates here in the form of five extra laces, a script-laden insole, and a very descriptive decorative sneaker box. A unique sneaker box is for me a sign of a great collaboration, because it tells the consumer that the product is special.

What do you think of these? The Social Status x Nike Air Max Penny 1 “Recess” in Black and Desert Sand released on July 15th for $190.


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