Social Change, Curmudgeons & EV Expo FAQ


These insights were born out of conversations we had with people who don’t seem to accept the fact that EVs are here and are at least a partial answer to the climate crisis, turning some EV owners into The curmudgeons and Termagantes. (Warning: most people who ask questions are genuinely looking for information.)

The art of “infinite regression”. No matter the price of the vehicle or the length of its autonomy, there will always be room for manoeuvre. This is epitomized by the neighbor who wants to be able to tow his caravan over Uluru from Adelaide to Darwin with a single load. You wonder if some of these people ever stop urinating.

The truth is, we need reasonable range and towing capacity, but most people use their cars most of the time just to get to work. We need to make smart choices that fit our lifestyles and budgets, no matter what drivetrain we’re using.

Lots of questions!

The infinite possibility of a battery fire. “What if” the batteries caught fire. It’s a real risk. However, a gasoline-powered car is much more likely to catch fire. The media fanned the flames of it.

FUD bombardment. As one problem is solved regarding electric vehicles, other arguments are constantly made, thus shifting the focus from them to electric vehicles, and ultimately to our inability to know everything about electric vehicles. . Search it on Google!

Astro costing. “Electric vehicles are so expensive that it is better not to worry about them. If I do, I will waste a lot of money. (Like you!! eh eh). This one shows that the questioner has failed math because he cannot calculate the weekly cost of gasoline/diesel and add it to the cost of the car. (Beyond that, dozens of electric vehicles are currently selling for significantly less than the US national average transaction price, which hit $47,077 in the fourth quarter of 2021..)

Lagging behind. For example, “Why don’t electric vehicles use safer forms of electricity that don’t cause sparks?” »

Curmudgeons and Termagants

Really good questions!

Cat fishing. Here, a person creates a character who expresses interest in electric vehicles, but then disparages them, upsetting and belittling us and decrying the relevance of electric vehicles today.

Monkey branch. Can be positive, whereby someone cares about fossil fuel vehicles while meddling a bit with electric vehicles while publicly remaining a supporter of solid fossil fuel vehicles.

Take the orange EV pill. Celebrating the freedom of gas-powered vehicles – “we can fill up anywhere”… “what if the grid goes down?” This person always seems to forget that gas pumps run on electricity.

As we slowly turn grumpy at the end of a day after answering hundreds of questions (in fact, usually only a few questions, hundreds of times), we find ourselves exhibiting frustrated pushback as curmudgeons and termagants (i.e., “curmudgegermagants”). For example, I got a little sarcastic and told a couple that they better stay away because the car was exploding every few days and the battery was igniting! Unfortunately, they believed me and reacted accordingly!

We are sure that we will answer these questions again at the next EV shows in Gympie and Goomeri. We will try to be patient.

We are looking for the EV kairos moment – ​​a key moment in time at the start of the ascent of EV adoption. The ancient Greeks coined the word “kairos” for a specific type of momentary conjuncture where futures (plural) are up for grabs and it all depends on which potential future (future of electric vehicles, hybrids, etc.) is seized as an opportunity to be updated. Would it be possible to claim this moment like this?

Let’s collaborate to share repeated instances of FUD regarding EVs we’ve come across. We will include your experiences in the next list. This could help us manage them better.

Dr. Paul Wildman: Wildman is a retired craftsman and scholar. He was Director of the Queensland Apprenticeship System for several years in the early 1990s and is enthusiastic about demonstrating the importance of craftsmanship, peer-to-peer making, collaboration and ‘our goods’. common” in social, economic and technological innovations such as electric vehicles. . Paul has been on Tesla for a long time trying to prove that a Fox Terrier can be trained. See Paul’s artisan podcasts here.


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