“She pounced on me”


Susana Jimenez shared with her more than 3 million followers on Instagram one of the most beautiful surprises she received during this theatrical season in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

The Argentinian television diva, leaving her dressing room and entering the theater to perform in the play Pile de Judas, He uploaded the video with the surprise visit of his daughter Mercedes Sarrabayroswho came to the theater in the company Lucia Celascogranddaughter of Susanna Gimenez,

Susanna Jimenez reappeared on social networks: “She threw herself on me.”

your size highlighted the presence of louis selaThe son of his great friend and producer, an important figure in the country’s television world, but died in February 2013.

“Well, today I had the chance to meet Lucia, Luis Sela, son and my daughter Mercedes”, The actress commented. “I’ve been here for a month!commented Mercedes. ,You are, but you never came to see me”replied Susanna Gimenez“But today, as soon as Lucia came, she also came to see me,” the famous actress said from her dressing room.

Susanna Jimenez reappeared on social networks: “She threw herself on me.”

,I am very happy. It was a surprise. I was talking on the phone… and boom! The door opens and Lucia appears. And jumped on me and I’m so happy to see them. I love you and I’ll be doing the show in 15 minutes!” Susanna Jimenez expressed her love and happiness.

Susanna Jimenez breaks silence on tax fraud allegations

After the complaints that AFIP made to the Argentine diva became known, the newspaper Ambito published the term Susanna Gimenez When he raises the issue and denies having committed fraud before the entity.

It should be clarified that, according to the source, the Federal Administration of Public Revenue alleges Susanna Gimenez Due to said unit, approximately 50 million Argentine pesos. “The Diva denies said accusation and maintains that she made no misleading statement, or malicious concealment, defrauding the Treasury”,

Susanna Jimenez reappeared on the social network:
Susanna Jimenez reappeared on social networks: “She threw herself on me.”

“She won’t speak because it’s a very technical question for her. but mostly because he’s so angrybelieve this complaint is ideological and political noise to distract from the serious issues that are really happening,” the source said of statements made by Environment. Susanna GimenezBefore this delicate subject.


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