Research: The more you use social media, the less you might want to have children


The use of social networks has a strong impact on our lifestyles. A Finnish study even evokes the idea of ​​a correlation between the time spent online and the desire to have children.

A recent study by Kateryna Savelieva from the University of Helsinki in Finland, titled “Reasons to Reporting Childbearing during Fertility Decline in Finland”, attempted to explain the reasons for the sharp decline in the birth rate observed in the country these last years.

To this end, 3,468 people, aged 20 to 44, were questioned about their desire to have children. Half of them say they don’t want children or no longer want them, while more than a third (36.6%) have postponed their plans to have children. Meanwhile, 13.4% said they were unable to say whether they planned to have children or more children.

There are many reasons to postpone the decision to have a child. Some mention their uncertain situation (financial situation, studies still in progress, size of the apartment, etc.). Others prefer to keep their current lifestyle and not change anything in their daily lives. And there are those who are already parents and who no longer wish to have children.

Those who cited their desire to maintain their lifestyle, as well as those more concerned about the precariousness of their situation, are the most addicted to social networks. The latter are also more likely to be people who do not already have children at home.

The study also found that those with at least one child and lower career expectations were less likely to cite their situation as a reason for not pursuing pregnancies. On the other hand, a childless woman who uses social networks very regularly and who is more focused on her career is more likely to cite her lifestyle as a factor preventing her from wanting a child. These reasons are also more widely present among women with a higher level of education.

The association between heavy social media use and a lack of desire to have children, coupled with not wanting to change lifestyle, was more widely cited among childless people than among parents.

Uncertainty about the “life situation” always appears as the main reason for not having or delaying the arrival of children. The financial crisis and unemployment are all factors that have an impact on the fertility rate. Note that this study was conducted before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. – AFP Relax News


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