R/GA and Nooky launch We are Warriors, a social change platform for Indigenous youth in Australia


R/GA, in collaboration with hip hop artist, producer and radio host Yuin Nation, Nooky, announced the launch of We are Warriors – a one-of-a-kind platform created to celebrate Blak’s excellence and drive positive change in the lives of the next generation of Aboriginal youth.

The social change platform is built on the premise of “See it To be it” and is launched on Australia’s “Survival Day”.

We are Warriors will engage Australia’s Indigenous youth community through a series of interviews, community-run workshops and limited edition merchandise. The revenue from the
the merchandise will then be invested in content development, to continue to educate everyday Australians.

“Systemic racism and the events that have unfolded around the world over the past two years remind us of the ongoing changes needed in our society. For indigenous young people growing up in Australia, there is no
was an accessible platform to discover First Nations role models. The goal is to educate us more deeply about the issues that indigenous peoples face and to create an environment in which all
Australians feel seen, heard and given an equal opportunity,” said Ben Miles, Executive Creative Director, Brand Innovation, R/GA Australia.


“We are thrilled to partner with Nooky to change the narrative of Survival Day and claim it as a step forward for First Nations. We are proud to create an online platform that will empower, inspire and create meaningful change.

Over eighteen months in the making, R/GA has partnered with Nooky to create an initiative that could uncover and harness the prolific power of Indigenous achievement in music, fashion, sports and entertainment. others
industries, in a scalable and accessible platform. Additionally, R/GA is partnering with six Indigenous Ambassadors and Pioneers to support the launch. Nooky, Bala Luke or Luke Currie-Richardson, Malyangapa,
Barkindji BARKAA, Charlee Fraser, Felicia Foxx and Kobie Dee will direct We are Warriors.

“After experiencing racism as a child, my mother shared three of the most powerful words I have ever heard: We are warriors. It instilled a fire in me, a sense of pride and this unimaginable desire to ‘to be
succeed and show the world that WE ARE WARRIORS’. It pushed me to defy all the odds against us. This trip led me to launch a platform to shine a light on the prolific Indigenous
excellence in music, fashion, sports and everything in between; a celebration of Blak’s excellence to empower youth in our community. We deserve to be recognized, we deserve to be heard and we
deserve to be celebrated. As people. As models. As warriors,” Nooky said.

The platform will be designed to support and invest in the next generation of leaders by giving them access to a wide range of workshops, mentorship and support. R/GA will continue to develop the
platform with a new cohort of warriors, upcoming partnerships, product collaborations and a documentary in the works.

We are Warriors reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to “designing a more human future” and its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion within the company and communities.


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