Promotion on social networks: simple tricks to find customers


Facebook alone has a little less 3 billions monthly active users. Social media is an amazing way to reach large numbers of people almost instantly. However, the competition for user attention is fierce. To help you stand out from your competitors, use these 6 effective tips!

Consistency is key

If you’re not Kanye West, you can’t tweet every couple of months and expect to get millions of likes and shares. If you want to build awareness for your brand, you need to post daily on all platforms. To see maximum engagement, you should post 2 to 3 times a day on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.

Posting this multiple times a day may seem like a lot, but there are so many types of content you should be sharing with your followers. Here are some types of content that do well on social media:

  • Motivational images and videos
  • Testimonials
  • Gifts
  • Discounts
  • Product launches
  • Vlogs and behind-the-scenes footage
  • User Generated Content

You have so many options that you will always be able to find amazing content to post on your social media accounts. If you ever run out of ideas, you can just open your competitor’s TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook and see what they’re posting and what’s getting the most engagement!

Schedule your posts

If you post all of your content at 1 a.m. on a Tuesday, very few people will see it. You should schedule your social media posts to be published when your target demographic is online. You can’t go wrong posting on weekdays in the late morning or mid afternoon.

Social Sprout actually did extensive research where they looked at the best days and times to post on social media. They concluded that the best day to post on Facebook was Tuesday at 11 a.m. and the best day to post on Instagram was Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you schedule most of your top posts to be published Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., you should see a big boost in your engagement.

Images and videos win!

Text posts don’t get as much engagement on social media as videos and images. Did you know that photos get 53% more likes than text messages? They also receive double the comments and 84% more clicks!

One of the easiest ways to boost engagement is to switch to more image and video-based content. For example, simply accompanying your typical tweets with an image will make your retweets skyrocket. Don’t forget to share images that are relevant to your post and that interest your followers.

There are certain types of images that work very well on social media. For example, an image of a smiling woman looking directly at the viewer. Try uploading images of happy women holding your product or with a text testimonial. Make sure your images stand out by adding bright colors that are distinct from the background of the social media platform. Don’t post blue and white pictures on Facebook! Make sure the background color contrasts with the image. Another useful tip is to add children and pets. who doesn’t love to see cute fluffy cats? Make sure your next social media post includes images or a video, and watch your engagement take off like a rocket!

Interact with your subscribers

Effective communication is a two-way street. Your goal should be to create genuine connections with your subscribers. This can be done through polls, comments, DMs, etc. Don’t be afraid to open up a dialogue with your subscribers.

Your buyers are filled with useful information that can improve your business. They can give you honest reviews of your customer service, review your products, and even critique your social media posts. No one wants to be spammed online by a company trying to push products on them. Customers are much more likely to buy from a company that cares about them and isn’t just after their money.

The easiest way to engage with your followers is to post messages asking for their feedback. You can also create polls and surveys. To add icing on the cake, you can reward your followers for their contributions with prizes, discounts, and giveaways!

Use analysis

Stop relying on the spray method and pray! Find out exactly who is viewing your posts, how often, and what content is driving the most traffic. You need to install Google Analytics and pay special attention to Page Insights on Facebook and Instagram.

These free tools are packed with valuable information you should use to structure your social media strategy. For example, if you notice Instagram giveaways causing massive spikes in traffic to your website, you should run more of these contests. Conversely, if your TikTok posts are getting below average click-through rates, you should audit your content and possibly focus on other social media platforms.

Try these tools

There are a range of specialist online tools you can use to boost your social media engagement and win customers. Here are some of our favorite picks:

  • SignalHire – Do you find it difficult to contact interesting prospects? Are they ignoring your LinkedIn messages? Then use SignalHire’s amazing LinkedIn extraction tool to instantly extract their email address and phone number from their profile! Contact any prospect directly with SignalHire!
  • Dampen – Posting multiple times a day to 4 or more social media platforms is a nightmare. Luckily, with Buffer, you can compose, publish, and schedule all of your social media content from one centralized location. This way you never waste time logging into your accounts and can ensure your posts are posted at the perfect time for engagement!
  • BuzzSumo – Do you want to know how to go viral on social networks? BuzzSumo will tell you how! This tool will instantly show which content is performing best in the world. It can also analyze your competitors’ social media strategy so you can easily outrank them!
  • Cloth – Has it already been established that images and infographics crush it on social networks? But how do you create eye-catching original images? Use Canva! Canva instantly turns you into a professional graphic designer even if you don’t have any skills. Their amazing templates will have you producing stunning infographics and illustrations in minutes!

Armed with these tools, you should have no problem getting attention on your social media and finding new customers. All of these tools have different functions and work best when used in unison!


Social media is an amazing way to market your fantastic business and attract buyers. However, this is only the case if you can create an effective strategy and produce interesting content. If you follow our 6 useful tips, you should be able to implement your social media strategy and get fantastic engagement. Remember that you need to post on different platforms every day and constantly optimize your content!


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