Parfumbloggers, the great revolution of social networks


At El Differential, we test our noses and our olfactory abilities by talking to these perfumery experts. In which we will tell them about the creation of these recognizable perfumes or aromas. Some fragrances easily recognizable or recognizable from the establishment of a brand of a network of stores etc. The route we are going to take this time is to talk to professionals in this field from different angles on the treatment of pleasant fragrances.

On this occasion we started with AromasAndCo, we spoke with Ivette Oliveras, founding partner of AromasAndCo, a company formerly called A de Aromas and one of the main Spanish companies in the field of scent marketing. She is passionate about perfume like all our guests. And with him we talked about the most distinctive fragrances and AromasAndCo.

Elena Del Valle works in the following guest training, among other things, dedicated to teaching perfumers the techniques necessary to provide customers with good information about perfumes for sale, she also provides training courses to those There are social networks dedicated to giving advice on fragrances. What is the great revolution? She is also the author of a book entitled “La vendeuse de parfums” in which she wanted to bring together all these techniques but they say it was a novel, the experience of a young girl who started working as a perfume seller. Give what is forced. Learn the basic concepts of perfumery by leaps and bounds. And we talked to Elena about the technology of selling perfumes.

And finally we discuss with Albert Mazos, the founder of AKEWELE, a company specialized in olfactory marketing which belongs to the Trison Scent group. In the company they have perfumers and creatives who create perfumes. Albert was not devoted to it at first, he was devoted to the graphic world but the business idea of ​​scent marketing changed his life. And we talk with envelopes about how perfume allows us to identify a store, a person…


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