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Ali Rose, Founder of OzGREEN, Sue Lennox and Gullibul Elder Aunty Kali at YOUth LEADing the World Facilitator Training in the NSW Northern Rivers.

OzGREEN, the Bellingen-based environmental education group, has launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise funds to support its global program YOUth LEADing the World (YLTW).

Several YLTW congresses will take place in November, coinciding with COP27 which will take place from Sunday November 6 to Friday November 18, 2022 in Egypt this year.

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To reach 24 locations around the world with face-to-face sessions, as well as multi-site online sessions in two different time zones connecting young people around the world, the YLTW program is seeking funding for items such as devices tools to help young people Take sides.

“For young people in African countries in particular, our fundraiser will help them get computers and internet connections so they can be part of the conversation,” Sue Lennox AM, co-founder of OzGREEN, told News Of The Area.

“We are also training local people to run the YLTW in their own area.

“For many young people we work with, they need this support to make their voices heard on the world stage.

“Imagine thousands of young people coming together across the planet to address global challenges such as energy, food, biodiversity, water quality and climate change and plan together how they can lead,” said asked Sue.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity.

“We are going to have people involved in the OzGREEN program speaking every day at COP27 Humanity Rising, something we did at their last conference with a group from Sierra Leone; they had seven million views of the video they made on the program.

The YLTW initiative provides young people around the world with a framework to address global challenges, training local facilitators to help young people in their communities be the change needed.

“For me, it’s about lighting the fire, opening people up to the potential that young people have to be agents of change in their own communities, if given support and trust.

“They know what needs to change.”

What OzGREEN does is help them figure out how they’re going to do it.

As adults, we should walk alongside them rather than trying to direct them and tell them what to do, that’s their philosophy.

The main questions within the YLTW community are how to make the necessary transitions and how to regenerate damaged systems?

“Everything we do is focused on that goal,” Sue said.

“We all need to step up now; it is about doing what needs to be done to protect and restore what we have and to make a rapid transition to sustainable means in energy, food and water systems.

OzGREEN’s philosophy is to support community-led change.

“We work with a fundamental trust in the ability of local people and local communities to know what is best in their area and how the transition will unfold in their area.”

Fairness also runs through OzGREEN’s veins.

“Fairness for current generations and fairness for those who come after us,” Sue said.

OzGREEN has thriving relationships with young people around the world through YLTW, from India to Sierra Leone to Central America and Australia and because they all follow the same curriculum, they all know the concerns others.

“It’s humbling and exciting to see what comes out of these connections,” Sue concluded.

Call to Action: Donate to OzGreen’s YLTW fundraiser at https://chuffed.org/project/yltw22.

If you know young people who would be interested in the YLTW, get them involved.

If you want to bring YLTW to your own area, consider training as a facilitator.

See: https://sites.google.com/ozgreen.org.au/yltw/home



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