Nottingham’s social change project receives five-figure funding


Bruk Up Stigma – Jamal Sterrett

Submitted by Rachel Calton

A local arts for social change initiative has received £30,000 in funding.

Bruk Up Stigma is a cross-sector partnership between mental health services and youth charities.

It brings together the Nottingham CAMHS mental health support team and the Nottingham Children, Young People and Families project.

As well as working with teams in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Bruk Up Stigma partners with Trelya, a non-profit organization that supports children in deprived areas of West Cornwall.

They also work with New York dance group Bed-Stuy Veterans and film producers We The Conspirators.

Bruk Up Stigma will bring together young people from these urban and rural areas.

They will use spoken word, urban music, and underrepresented dance forms to help them make new connections, build confidence, and break down the stigma around mental health.

The money was donated by a new social change fund, Partner-Up.

This fund was launched in 2021 by Take Note, Collaborative Change and social innovation funder Footwork.

It was founded on the belief that organizations working together and co-creating within their communities can strengthen artistic ambition and amplify social impact.

The money comes with the Partner-Up “collaboration kit”.

This is a strategic support package from Take Note, an organization dedicated to social impact collaborations.

Susie Gray of Bruk Up Stigma, said: “We are beyond thrilled that Partner-Up has made this project possible.

“It will create a real and meaningful opportunity for young people to take ownership of their narrative and play an authentic role in bringing about critical change.”

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