New book traces ‘untold stories’ of Gandhian activists bringing social change


New Delhi: A new book has documented ‘untold’ stories of seven Gandhian activists who propelled social change by working tirelessly and out of the spotlight. Although they have won awards and accolades for their work, their stories have gone largely unreported.

Published by HarperCollins, “Being The Change – In the Footsteps of Mahatma” by Ashutosh Salil and Barkha Mathur will be released on October 1 on Softcover, ThePrint’s online site for launching non-fiction books.

The book will also be officially launched on Gandhi Jayanti, to bring stories of those who seemed to have gone through a similar trajectory to Mahatma Gandhi.

Salil is an IAS officer under Maharashtra and Mathur an award-winning journalist. Salil is also a Fulbright Scholar and holds two law degrees. The authors traveled Vidarbha in Maharashtra to hear the stories of these activists and present them to the world.

Mathur said, “This book is my tribute to the spirit of service of the people we write about and their drive to bring about change in the lives of underprivileged people. The purpose of writing these stories from the ground up was to bring forth the moving work with the hope that it inspires young people to read and learn the true essence of service as practiced by Bapu.

“Reserve a tribute to the militants”

The authors also explained that these Gandhi activists may not have been at the forefront or often made the headlines, but they had an edge and a story that the world needs. To hear.

Activists also explain how adopting Gandhi’s way of life can not only be a rewarding personal experience, but also a valuable service to society.

Bringing insights from his experiences in the field, Salil said, “The work done by the people profiled in our book… touched me deeply, especially when I saw the remote locations they chose and the hardships that accompany them. This book is a tribute to this courage to be the change and is also an effort to highlight the fact that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary tasks if they have the will to do so.

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