Mother launches showcase for products that drive social change


The creative agency’s latest venture, called Mother Goods, is a design and development company that will sell products with a purpose.

Mother Goods will be a “global showcase for creativity”, say the founders / Mother

Mother is moving from creating advertising campaigns to developing products that will drive progress and create social change.

Through a new division, called Mother Goods, the agency will work with brands to develop products targeting a wide range of social issues, from gun control to LGBTQ+ issues to women’s rights.

Products will live on the dedicated Mother Goods website and in most cases will be available for purchase. In others, the intellectual property developed by the company can be bought or rented. Mother said it currently has a long list of intellectual properties in development and will continue to develop its expertise in manufacturing and retail partnerships.

Proceeds from the company will be donated to leading advocacy organizations related to the social issues the products address.

“This is our global showcase for creativity, where we turn our ‘product ideas’ into real products that can make an impact in the world,” said Peter Ravailhe, Managing Director and Partner of Mother USA.

Founding partner Paul Malmstrom added, “We see Mother as a brand of sorts, and Mother Goods is a way of showing what we stand for and with what level of originality and fearlessness we express our own brand. I think that’s very appealing to the best creative thinkers, and in turn, the most interesting clients have always been interested in working with the most interesting thinkers.

To coincide with the company’s launch, Mother Goods is launching two new products alongside four previously announced, with two more coming soon.

Announced today is the Kickback Lounge Wear, a line of bulletproof leisurewear designed to protect you from firearms in the comfort of your home, and Cûf, a statement about the depths of our technological obsession under the form of a super luxurious phone case. .

Parent goods

Previously announced products include gay-icon nesting dolls auctioned off in partnership with Kaleidoscope Trust to fight Russia’s anti-LGBTQ+ laws, Lullabombs children’s sleep aid and The Gay Blood Collection.

Ravailhe continued, “We have never been afraid to express our point of view through our work and our unique culture at Mother. It is now more important than ever that we use our entrepreneurial creativity in ways that people want to engage with ideas that have impact. Our goal is to have products that change mindsets and behaviors in over a million homes.


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