Local writer hoping to create social change with an online publication


A Grande Prairie resident hopes to inspire social change for marginalized voices through her online publication, Bipan Magazine.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief Natal Rox says the magazine is a non-profit online publication that aims to shine a light on BIPOC, queer and disabled voices. She says the idea came to fruition while she was living away from the Peace region during the summer.

“When I was living in Calgary in June 2020, a group of friends and I were all artists. I just thought it would be cool to collect everyone’s work, make a digital account of it, and offer it to people for free. It eventually became what it is now, where we get submissions from across Canada for every issue,” she says.

After the magazine was established, Rox returned to Grande Prairie, where she was born and raised, to take on different responsibilities in addition to managing the online publication.

“Right now, I work as a substitute teacher with the Grande Prairie Catholic School District and I also work at the Grande Prairie Art Gallery,” she says.

Rox says the local community has responded well to Bipan Magazine and she’s really excited to see the publication continue to grow in the future.

“There are a lot of local artists like Tegwyn Sky, some teachers I work with are also interested in it. Many different people have also been interested or submitted work in the past,” she says.

Rox can’t wait to see the engagement on the ninth volume she and the team have released so far.

“We have work from a Vancouver tattoo artist named Pengee Makade Makwa Ikwe and she’s been doing a lot of work in the back-to-the-landing movement. She is also an activist for clean water for the indigenous peoples of this region. One of our content creators, Alexis, was able to get an interview with her, so we’re glad people are reading this content,” she says.

Volume 9 is accessible to everyone on the Bipan Magazine website.


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