Layún asks for help on social networks to change the number


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Mexico / 13.01.2022 17:39:15

Miguel Layún returned to America for the Apertura 2021. The full-back left the Coapa team in 2015 to finally pursue the European dream. After four years on the old continent, the Mexican returned to the MX League at the hands of the Rayados de Monterrey, to end up returning to the team of his loves: the Eagles. However, There’s something Veracruzan aren’t entirely happy with when they return to Coapa.

It seems like what you have uncomfortable a Layún is the dorsal,
since he returned to America used number 29 yet on his back, wants to recover the 19 and he made it known through a tweet, in which asked his supporters to to helpnot to spam the MX League to achieve your goal.

“¿someone help me To do spam at MX League so that they allow me use 19? Go ahead, I still don’t play in this tournament, please,” wrote the team that played 17 games in the last tournament wearing the azulcrema jacket.

Layún seeks call-up for Qatar 2022

Few months ago, Layún said he hopes to count for the Mexican national team in the next world, which will be played in Qatar. The team assured that he knows there is a lot of competition at El Tri, however, he does not lift a finger on the line.

“My dream is to be in Qatar, sIt is competition is fierce. Right here the competition is tough, task with Jorge, a national team, with a lot of talent and quality, I have no doubt that at some point he will set foot in Europe”, he commented in the first instance.

“Chaka does things well. I never give up, I keep doing things to earn a call up to the national team, compete for that position and contribute in every way. I am at a stage in my life where I can contribute a lot and it will be so. If I come back, I will contribute whatever it takes to be at the World Cup again,” he said.


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