Labor Day: without Alberto Fernández, social movements show strength


The main Social organizations aligned with the government of Alberto Fernández will perform this Sunday, for Labor Day, a show of force in the street, in the middle of the official interior and criticism of hard Kirchnerism. The president, for his part, will not participate in the act and will not have any official activity, they pointed out to Casa Rosada.

The mobilization was called by the organizations grouped in the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), which includes the Combative Class Stream, We are standing quartersthe Popular Front Darío Santillán and the Avoid the movementsthe latter perhaps the closest to the President of the Nation.

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The Labor Day act is scheduled to take place at the intersection of the Avenida de Mayo and 9 de Julio, from 2 p.m.. The movements, which have been organizing the march for weeks, hoped to mobilize”300,000 characters”. Beyond the probability of gathering this number, the mobilization will be massive.

Despite the closeness of the organizations to the President and the show of support that the act could signify, Alberto Fernandez will not participatethey anticipated both in UTEP and in the Executive.

Alberto Fernández in an act for Labor Day with construction workers. (Photo: Esteban Collazo / Presidency)

The president also anticipated the May Day celebration. While Máximo Kirchner again criticized his Minister of Economy, Martin Guzmanin plenary session of the PJ of Buenos Aires, Alberto Fernández performed a brief actlow profile, in a road job in San Vicente.

“On this Labor Day, now that we’ve kicked off the economy, I promise you that every minister and every government official will be the minister of salaryso that the salary, once and for all, is recomposed in Argentina, ”said the president in front of the construction workers.

Although Cristina Kirchner responds to sector criticism intensifies against Minister Guzmán and the government’s economic policy, Fernández avoids referring to internal politics. At the Presidency, they consider that the dispute is seriously hampering the management and it also affects the communication of the “good news.”

Be that as it may, the president’s sentence seemed more directed towards the CGT that, dissatisfied with the executive, will not mobilize this Sunday. The workers’ union limited itself to issuing a statement on Friday, also before Labor Day, in which warned against inflation and described as “temporary” the government’s measures to try to moderate the loss of purchasing power.

The leader of La Cámpora and president of the PJ of Buenos Aires, Máximo Kirchner, led a party act in Baradero and again criticized Martín Guzmán (Photo: Télam).
The leader of La Cámpora and president of the PJ of Buenos Aires, Máximo Kirchner, led a party act in Baradero and again criticized Martín Guzmán (Photo: Télam).

According to the communications team led by Gabriela Cerruti at Casa Rosada, Alberto Fernández has no official activities planned for this Sunday. However, it is not excluded that he makes a statement by social media.

The demands of social movements allied to the government

Without the support of the CGT, the streets will be occupied exclusively by social movements. Although they will show project support announced by the government -but not yet presented- to tax the so-called “unexpected incomewill also be a complaint day.

Social organizations will seek the approval of the popular economy sector laws and generation ofauthentic work”. There could also be a sign for the unofficial picketers, who for months have been occupying the streets to demand increases in social plans, and who today will parade again in Plaza de Mayo. The official movements wanttake to the streets”.

The main speakers of the event will be Esteban “Gringo” Castro (UTEP), Gildo honored (Evita Movement), Dina Sánchez (Popular Front Darío Santillán), Norma Morales (Somos Barrios de Pie) and Juan Carlos Alderete (CCC).

UTEP promotes a series of laws in Congress, such as the productive monotax formalize the popular economy; the national Land, Roof and Work program; the extension of law 24.753 of the Popular neighborhoods; the environmental protection law for wetlands; the extension of law 26.160 of indigenous communities; and the law for the promotion and development of popular economy, among others.


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