La Decimocuarta promotes Madrid on social media


The conquest of the fourteenth Champions on May 28 against the liverpool in Paris shot at real Madrid on social networks. According to the study of Blinkfire Analytics echoed in the white canvas, the Madrid gained 1.7 million followers by adding the platforms of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

The entity, in the note, specifies that since 2018, when it lifted the thirteenth Champions in Kyiv (also against liverpool, like this year), no football club had progressed so much in the number of followers on social networks. Thus, the whites gained 900,000 ‘followers’.

According to the aforementioned study, the interactions in the networks during the final were higher than the previous winners of the Champions Leaguethe chelsea (2021), Bayern Munich (2020) y liverpool (2019). So much so that, in terms of engagement (interactions), it doubled the numbers of previous teams.

The white club also informs that during the final, before and after the match (May 27, 28 and 29), 3.1 million followers were added on all social networks, highlighting in particular the growth between ICT Tac (1.4 million) and instagram (1.2), which accounted for more than 89% of total new subscribers across all networks.

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