Knowledge, awareness and social change


Carl van der Linde
Carl (b. 1993) is a South African documentary and fashion photographer. Fascinated by the human condition and the global distribution of people and cultures, he aims to shine a light on seemingly distant, often marginalized communities and present them as socially relevant and valued.

Kincso Bede
Kincső Bede (1995) is a Romanian visual artist of Hungarian origin, who grew up in a small town in Transylvania, Romania. She is fascinated by the communist past of her native country, the power of leader Nicolae Ceaușescu, the control exercised by the security agency Securitate and the way this history is transmitted from generation to generation. Currently, Kincső lives and works in Budapest, Hungary and she studied at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. She is part of the Studio des Jeunes Photographes. In 2020, she won the photography scholarship of the Association of Hungarian Photographers. The same year, she was one of the winners of Carte Blanche Students, a grant founded by Paris Photo, the largest photographic art fair in the world. The works of the four winners were exhibited at the Gare du Nord in Paris. Her diploma series, titled “Three Colors I Know in This World..” was chosen for the 10 New Talent 2020 program by the curators of the BredaPhoto Festival and has been exhibited in the Netherlands. His work is often applauded by the foreign press, such as: GUP Magazine, The Steidz, The Art Newspaper, GLAMOR Romania. Since 2020, she has been represented by the TOBE Gallery, in Budapest. In 2021, she was exhibited at UNSEEN, in Amsterdam, and in Paris, at the Curiosa sector of Paris Photo with the TOBE Gallery, curated by Shoair Mavlian. In 2022, she received the prize entitled: PhMuseum Photography Grant as a New Generational Prize – Honorable Mention.


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