Juphy 2.0, to consolidate all comments and conversations from all social networks, chats and emails

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If you have a business, you will surely receive comments from Facebook, Instagram, reviews from Google, some WhatsApp, Messenger, emails, comments on YouTube… you have to constantly jump from one to another for nothing miss because customers may want to start a conversation from several different platforms.

It is true that Meta has managed to consolidate Instagram and Facebook conversations in one place, but there are still many other platforms, and for small work teams, or without the time to constantly see notifications, this can be a problem. .

That’s why Juphy was born a while ago, to bring conversations together in one platform, and now they’re releasing version 2.0 with lots of new features:

– We can now track, manage and respond to Instagram Direct Messages
– We can see comments from Facebook and Instagram ads in real time.
– You can see comments from Facebook groups.
– It is possible to connect several Gmail accounts and personalized mail (SMTP and IMAP), to answer mails from there.
– We can respond as a DM to comments on Facebook.
– We have more than 24 hours to respond to Facebook messages.
– Automatically archives our own tweets, so there is no need to filter them.
– We can see comments in threads directly in our dashboard to act faster.
– We can see which team member replied to which comment in your connected account.
– The Juphy IOS and Android mobile applications are now in public BETA version.

The idea remains to make it easy for customer support teams to work together in one shared inbox, so we can quickly respond to feedback, direct messages, ad comments, reviews, and more. in real time on a single dashboard, using tickets. to organize, categorize and prioritize posts, and search for specific customers or topics to quickly locate a post on social platforms.

You have the details, with the prices per user, on juphy.com.


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