Juan Sebastian Veron made a very harsh post on social media against CONMEBOL for the abolition of students


Juan Sebastien Veron statue of platas students and the current first vice-president of the club exploded against kommeboltook to her social media to protest the decisions of La Bruzzita andres matonteUruguayan referee for the second leg of the quarter-finals Libertadores Cup East athletic pararance, “Conmebol does what Conmebol does. It doesn’t matter when you read this.He wrote in an Instagram story, which he decorated with the flag of Brazil, clearly in reference to the country which has three of the top four Libertadores teams.

Veyron’s protest, which according to reports will continue in the locker room and could even face disciplinary action, This is part of the criticism from Pincha’s coaching staff and footballers for the referee’s actions. Two specific judgments are imposed on him: on the one hand, not validating the objective of luciano lolo 19 minutes into the second half (VAR suggested a downfield review as the win was ruled legal and Mattonte upheld his decision due to Morel’s offside), and a Paranaense goal, in which he partnered with striker, young Vitor Roque.

Paranaense. After the abolition against, the post of President Juan Sebastian Veron against CONMEBOL

“So watch the game. You are responsible. yelled at him Ricardo ZielinskyFor Matonte, the Estudiantes coach, once the match is over. In a press conference, DT Del Pincha confirmed his position: “The referee was wrong on many games, and always on the same side”And he added: “I told him he was responsible, not just for the goals. The divided people was for him, and he should have fired someone. He was terribly wrong and I said it to his face , as I saw fit.

The Russian also referred to Lolo’s goalscoring game, which Mattonte netted in . Canceled despite suggestion andres cunha, to validate his VAR assistant, Vijay. To the video editors, George Morelli, which was in forward position, does not interfere. And that does not block the approach of Brazilian goalkeeper Bento. Thus, they understand that the target was legal. Zilinsky expressed himself along the same lines: “At goal, the keeper had no chance of getting near the ball. Today (tomorrow) we are very bad, but we will fight again,” the Estudiants coach said.

Ricardo Zielinski, Estudiantes de la Platas coachJuan Mabromata – AFP

Mariano AnduzariThe La Plata goalkeeper and team captain also lashed out at the game’s referee during the post-elimination press conference. “Matonte and Cunha had a terrible night”listed former goalkeeper of hurricane You Naples, from Italy, among other teams. And he added: “It was difficult for the goalkeeper to catch that ball in Lolo’s goal. It was a question of interpretation, but after the goal we conceded, he had his hand in the last play (in reference to the Uruguayan David Terrans) which touched him. It was similar to Suárez’s play in the river,” he recalled, of Cordovan’s rejected target in the series with Velez. Andujar continued: “We know the technique is good, but it is managed by people. And they are wrong. It’s not our style to make excuses. We will try to correct our mistakes and bring good to the tournament.


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