Jaime Peñafiel describes Lady Di as “sub-normal” and social networks do not believe it: “Are they not going to do anything?”


the death of Queen Isabella II from England on Thursday, September 8, disrupted the television network and all programs rushed to cover one of the most important deaths of the 21st century. Real experts collaborated with each of them, like Jaime Penafielwho shared his experiences of four a day. However, the journalist was not very successful in some of his remarks: “Prince Charles wanted to put some order in the family. He went through what he went through with this unhappy marriage with this kind of abnormal that was Diana, but he was a serious man all his life. He didn’t have many loves, Camila, and a few occasional flings.

And it’s not the only one. hours before, in it’s already noonreferred to Lady Di in the following terms: “the pain of the world for the death of the Queen, nothing to do with the hysterical pain for the death of this individual named Diana, it is sincere pain”.

The reactions were not long in coming. Social media has been filled with criticism of Peñafiel, calling him “macho and misogynistic”.


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