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Friday 09 September 2022 • Devynn case:

The Office of Multicultural Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington has changed its name to Office of Cultural Engagement and Social Change (OCESC) to better reflect its goal of implementing best practices to foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable campus community.

Shabaz Brown

“We are excited to expand on our current mission to cultivate a culture of inclusion and equity within our UTA community through culturally conscious and critical dialogue, social justice education, and the establishment of collaborative relationships,” said new OCESC director Shabaz Brown. “As we accomplish these efforts through programming, mentorship, counseling, and social justice facilitation, we strive to contribute to UTA’s overall mission of student success.”

UT Arlington consistently ranks as one of the most diverse institutions of higher education in the country. The OCESC aims to provide opportunities, programs and resources for all Mavericks to connect with their diverse identities, which will contribute to their success at UTA.

“For me, the name change shows the growth of the department and the role it plays in the lives of students,” said A’Nyria Harper, who is Ms. UTA and majors in philosophy and African American studies. “It’s more than just a department that exposes students to different cultures. It is a department that encourages students to look inward and be aware of the different people around them, consider their differences and make adjustments to accommodate them. »

Staff members believe that the name change now more accurately describes the mission, vision and work of the office. This was only done after review and collaboration with campus and community stakeholders.

“I’m thrilled that our Maverick community is discovering all the exciting new things we have in store for them through our new Office of Cultural Engagement and Social Change,” said Lisa Nagy, Vice President of Student Affairs. “The services, support and excellent interactions that our students have come to expect remain firmly intact, and they provide the perfect foundation for the expansion that is already underway.”


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