Integrated social movements needed for special children


People who work for special children, at a seminar, emphasized integrated social movements for special children to change the social and psychological structure to protect them from abuse and harassment.

At the event held at the auditorium of Birdem General Hospital in Dhaka on Saturday, they said that the mental and social structure for special needs children should be changed. If sensible people in society protest the injustice against them, one day special children will have rights.

Prominent musical artist Naqeeb Khan, debater and doctor Abdun Noor Tushar, doctor Mohammad Hossain, nutritionist Samsun Nahar Mahua were present on the occasion, according to a press release.

Over 40 parents, whose children with special needs were 12 years old, attended the event.

Participants protested against the unjust conduct of two special children – Tausif and Redwan – and discussed measures to address it.

Tausif is a special child who was allegedly beaten by officials at a private medical college hospital in Dhaka. Not only that, the father of the special child was also allegedly assaulted by them when he protested the incident.

At the seminar, Tausif’s parents tearfully shared their bitter experience in this way and asked for ways to prevent this social oppression on special children.

“When I went to file a complaint, I was repeatedly pressured not to take any legal action and was also lured to get mutual insurance,” Tausif’s father said.

Redwan, another special child, fell from the balcony of a three-storey special school and was hung on an electric wire for a time in March. At some point he fell on the road in front of the school and was seriously injured.

Amma Zaheda Fatema, mother of the victim, was outraged by such irresponsible behavior from the school.

Prominent singer Naqeeb Khan said, “Such an incident cannot be accepted under any circumstances. They must be stopped. Social and family awareness must be propagated. The state must step up for these special children.

Prominent debater and doctor Abdun Noor Tushar said, “There is a law but it is not enforced which is sad for all of us. Every special parent is a state… is a welfare service. All special parents fight for their children.

Professor Samsun Nahar Mahua, Nutrition Department, Birdem General Hospital, “Although I don’t have any special children, I have to treat at least five special children every day, so I know how many obstacles they face. “

Parents of special children have urged the government for an official inspection of substandard schools.


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