Instagram is testing a new ‘Repost’ feature similar to other social networks, will allow users to share other people’s posts on the feed


instagram is developing another new feature that mimics other social networks.

As Twitter, Tumblr, and FacebookInstagram will allow users to “repost” someone else’s content on their timeline.

According to reports, the latest feature has been in development since May.

Instagram users aren’t exactly new to sharing another user’s post for their followers to see. To share public posts with their followers, users can only do so through direct messaging or Instagram Stories.

With this new feature, users can share a post directly from their feeds instead of having to screenshot, repost, or find it elsewhere.

It has been reported that Instagram has changed its cross-platform sharing choices in addition to reposts to your feed. Now share with Snapchat, MessengerWhere WhatsApp takes precedence over direct share to DM, which again is similar to TikTok approach.

As part of its apparent move to TikTok, Instagram has pushed back on a test that would have moved the app to a full-screen, AI-powered feed of images and videos.

In another test, Instagram users can mark multiple posts as “not interested” to train the suggestion algorithm accordingly.

“We’re exploring the possibility of re-sharing posts in Feed – the same way you can re-share in Stories – so people can share what resonates with them, and the original creators get credit for their work,” Seine-Kim, a Meta spokesperson said in an emailed statement. “We plan to test this soon with a small number of people,” but noted that the feature is not yet publicly available to test.


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