Industry Stakeholders View Entertainment as a Driver of Social Change


Emma Okonji and Kayode Tokede

Industry players who gathered at the ninth edition of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference (NECLive9), highlighted the importance of entertainment in driving social change in Nigerian society.

Speaking at the hybrid conference, which was held virtually and physically in Lagos over the weekend, the organizer, Mr. Ayeni Adekunle, said, “Nigeria has great talents in the entertainment industry who are the pride of the country, both locally and globally. Nigerian music and films are celebrated around the world. To further celebrate the Nigerian entertainment industry, we launched the Nigeria Entertainment Conference (NECLive) in 2013 and today we celebrate NECLive9, which is the ninth edition of the NECLive series. My dream is to see the Nigerian entertainment industry have a measurable impact on the Nigerian economy, create more jobs and build more infrastructure in the country.

The first keynote speaker, who is an advocate for the voiceless, Mr. Debo Adedayo, spoke on the theme: “Advocacy and Governance: How to Best Use Entertainment to Drive Social Change”.

According to him, through drama, films, music and film production, the Nigerian entertainment industry educates Nigerians and the rest of the world, to bring about social change in society.

“The artist, content developer, actors and actresses have a collective responsibility to drive social change in society through their films and music. We need social change that will redirect the vision of our young people and the entertainment industry has a big role to play in this,” Adedayo said.

The second keynote speaker, who is the Executive Director of Content and Channels for West Africa at Multichoice, Dr. Busola Tejumola, praised the Nigerian entertainment industry for driving social change and redressing the evils of society, through music and film production.


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