In Trujillo, 41 new social movements were sworn in


Deputy of the National Assembly and National Coordinator of the Bolivarian Active Reserve and Civil Defense g/d Jesus Suárez Chaurio, together with the Governor of the State of Trujillo, Gerardo Márquez, took the oath in 41 social movements that make up the life of the region. Outline of the New Age Congress.

From the Bolivarian Forum in the city of Valera, National Coordinator Suárez Chaurio indicated that this active reserve would be a political and revolutionary structure that would keep the people organized.

“We have come to make it a structure that will go down to the parishes, to the municipalities, to the UBC, to the roads, to our communities, the whole revolutionary structure of our party and the great patriotic pole. Organize this movement, stay organized. Because, this great mass as our eternal commander said, that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela must be a great mass in the movement and that is what we are looking for, ”she explained.

social movement

He said that the purpose of this oath is to organize, federate and unite all the forces to obtain and win new victories.

“The active reserve is at the request of the people, for their integral defense, for their integral development, to take political action, to win and strengthen our Bolivian revolution forever,” he insisted.

Suarez stressed that the active reserve has great potential, commitment and loyalty to Trujillo and Venezuela.

“These are men and women who have held different positions in our armed institution, in our security institutions, with various knowledge of security and defense to teach people,” he said.

revolutionary happiness

Meanwhile, Trujillo State Governor Gerardo Marquez expressed the joy and patriotism of those attending the swearing in of the Active Reserve and Civil Defense Movements.

“We in the state of Trujillo, out of 43 social movements, 41 have already taken the oath, are working, we are organizing,” he notified.

Likewise, he pointed out that, recently, the unit has won important victories for the future fight with the bases and the insurrection with the organization of the PSUV.

“We were one of the first states in the country to participate in what to do with assemblies for the renovation of road structures, communities, UBCH, but with figures and figures that call for reflection, boys, girls With as community street leaders at the age of 15 and 16. It tells us that there is relief, there is a future. We are ready for future battles,” he said.

active reserve ready

Within the framework of the New Age Congress, social movements of the active reserve are promoted in the country, so that the organization, with mobilization, training and revolutionary morality, is in the front line of the battle.

“Here we are President Nicolas Maduro, reserve asset ready and at the request of the people, ready and organized, always on his knees to defend the homeland,” Marquez posted on his social network.

“What a beautiful work filled with sacred fire. United we are going to victory! Moving on to 2024-2030 to continue strengthening the homeland under the leadership of our C/J Nicolas Maduro Moros, Suárez Chaurio conveyed via his Instagram user.

It should be noted that the act included representatives and representatives of the national structure of the active reserve m/g Gloria Castillo and g/d Rodriguez Rabán, the formations of the regional PSUVs, the executive train, the legislators, the mayors, the members of the active reserve in Trujillo and the Bolivarians. Member of the militia.


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