“I don’t let myself be seduced by social networks, Servio delivers”


Rosario is preparing for the Central Professional League to face San Lorenzo next Saturday at the New Gasometer. After the defeat against Banfield in Arroito, in which goalkeeper Gaspar Servio Urzi was responsible for the goal, He first asked Canalla coach Carlos Tevez about George Braun’s condition.

“Braun is fine. He is very involved, I am very happy with him because he has lost a lot of weight and is getting in shape to be able to play. The decision will be made by me, but that’s okay,” Apache confirmed.

Therefore, he asked Carlitos if he would play Braun as a reserve. And there he exhibited a high profile. “In my opinion, the subject of Braun came up first, I don’t let myself be tempted by social networksThe only one I can confirm for Saturday is Gaspar to dispel any doubts. The central guys have to understand that there is work to do, Gaspar is responsible for the goal of the second day, they put pressure on me to put Braun. These things don’t work for me, my goalkeeper is Gaspar,” he said.

“Twice they ask me the same question. Tell the folks at Central the players don’t choose me. Brown is about to get his chance because he deserves it in practice. Fans need to know because The contract expires for both at the end of the year and I have to make a decision., Let the fans be calm that no rep is giving me a player. Today my goalkeeper is Gaspar, it’s not Braun’s time, ”he insisted.

Banfield’s goal against Servio

Remember: in the previous game, against Boca at La Bombonera, Cervio missed a penalty, which was saved by Agustin Rossi. Enough to fuel the questioning of the goalkeeper sold by Carlitos.

Servio and Tevez: Hug after the goal against Arsenal

About the next opponent, he said: “I suffered playing at San Lorenzo, it’s a huge field, San Lorenzo and Insua are doing a great job, they already have an identity. He is in a very good moment.

“We know they’ve found a way to play the counterattack, Five behind, four in the middle and one in front. There are necessary precautions to attack. Wants to be attacked to go out against San Lorenzo. You have to be careful, ”confirmed Tevezo

“We are all looking for a balance for the team. We are preparing very well. I am very happy with the work of the boys,” he added.

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Moreover, he commented: “David Martinez is already in the team, he is available as the tests gave him negative.”

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About the Colombian Jose Leudo, he said: “It’s okay, sometimes it’s difficult for him to maintain the pace of work, he came without work for a long time. I do not care I discussed it with him. I don’t have many games to watch it. It’s very difficult for me to prove it in an official match. Remember: The coffee producer joined the team a few hours before Tevez was hired.

He also gave his opinion on VAR: “It came to stay, someone would like to play more. You can’t say it’s good when it’s in your favor and it’s bad when it’s hurts you.”

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