Huge Afro Choice, Jail Cell Featured In Exhibit To Highlight Social Change Through The Arts


Hank Willis Thomas’ sculpture, decorated with a peace sign and a clenched black fist, is titled “All Power to All People.”

A huge sculpture of afro-haired spikes by artist Hank Willis Thomas has been erected in Lafayette Square in New Orleans to help foster racial and political awareness and activism.

The pick, courtesy of Kindred Arts, is decorated with a peace sign and a black clenched fist. Titled “All Power to All People,” it pays homage to the Black Power movement of the 1970s, reports On Twitter On Friday, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell called the structure “breathtaking.”

Hank Willis Thomas’ Afro Pick sculpture titled ‘All Power to All People’, displayed above in Los Angeles, is a tribute to the Black Power movement of the 1970s. (Picture: Screenshot/YouTube/LA This Week)

The Afro hairstyle sculpture stands prominently near Gallier Hall, New Orleans’ old City Hall. According to the report, it is part of Kindred Arts’ Monumental Traveling Tour, an event that showcases large-scale outdoor works by black artists.

“This sculpture is very appropriate for this time and place,” a spokesperson for Cantrell’s administration wrote in an email about Thomas’ art.

“This piece serves to highlight ideas related to community, strength, perseverance, camaraderie, and resistance to oppression,” reads the project’s website. The choice of black fist was originally a hair accessory that “represented the counterculture and civil rights at one of the most important eras in American history”.

“Public monuments now have a higher charge. They may celebrate a specific individual or a group of people, but they should also invite a broader conversation about how the memorial can connect to the rest of the world and represent its people,” Thomas said in a statement on the website. of the Monumental Tower.

Afro Kindred Arts Guitar Pick

“All Power to All People” was previously exhibited in Los Angeles behind Marsha Reid of Kindred Arts. (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube/LA This Week)

“The piece provides an opportunity to reflect on a legendary culture and a 6,000-year history of grooming artifact and culture,” reads a statement on the Kindred Arts website about Thomas’ piece.

“The fight and struggle for equality, respect and freedom continues to this day for those of us who continue to face discrimination because of our skin color, texture and style. our hair,” Cantrell’s spokesperson added in the email.

Other exhibits on the monumental tour include Coby Kennedy’s ‘Kalief Browder: The Box’, a concept piece featuring a transparent prison cell on display in Camp Street’s Lafayette Square, and Christopher’s ‘Caliban’s Hands’. Myers, a metal sculpture of giant hands, located at the Baldwin and Co. bookstore.

The exhibit arrived in New Orleans just in time for the June 19 celebrations last weekend. All three pieces will be on display as part of Essence Fest 2022, which runs from Thursday, June 30 through Sunday, July 3. The exhibition will leave on Tuesday July 12 for the next leg of the tour.

According to the report, the New Orleans Office of Cultural Economy, the Essence Festival of Culture and the Kindred Arts organization provided the three sculptures to the city.

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