How to view social media apps and websites


You will see all list with websites where you linked your Facebook account. You may see some pages that you linked to even many years ago, as long as you never unlinked them. In fact, you can see the exact date from the link. This is useful to detect possible problems and avoid having unsecured services.

In each of them you can click on the button view and edit. This will show you more information. For example, the information you share, such as your name, your profile picture, your email, the photos you have uploaded to Facebook… You will have all this information from each of the linked services.

If you want to delete something in particular, you can do it easily. For example, if you don’t want to share your email address, you can give Remove. You can also click on the blue Remove button, which appears above, and you will completely unlink that service or platform that you linked at some point.

Steps to see sites linked to Google

Another platform where it is convenient to control everything you have linked is Google. You can also see all the services that can access your account and thus have full control so that there are no privacy issues. To do this, you just need to follow a series of steps.

Have what services you have linked to your Google account and so they can see some data, you need to go to the Security section. Once you are there, you will arrive on a page where the list of linked devices will appear and, just on the right, the third-party applications with access to the account.

It is the latter that interests us. If you click here, you will come to another window where it will show you all these related services. These are basically web pages or apps that you can access just by logging into Google, without doing anything else. At the top you will see a button to allow or not allow this to happen.

You can also click on each of these services individually. By doing so, a series of data will appear, such as whether you have access to basic information about your account, when you granted permissions or the main page. To unpair it, you just have to press the button withdraw access.

Remove access to a Google account

Automatically, this service will no longer be linked to the Google account. You will no longer be able to access your account information, or access your website without logging in. If you want to reverse the situation, you will have to give it permissions again.

See Twitter-related services

Another widely used social network to which you can link other services is Twitter. There, you can also easily see anything you’ve linked that might endanger your privacy. We’re going to show the steps you need to follow to do so, to always have full control over your account and data.

To do this you must enter your Twitter account, go to More options, access Security and account access and, once there, click on Applications and sessions and enter connected apps. This will open a new screen where all third-party services you have linked to your Twitter account will appear at some point.

You can click on each of them to configure it independently. Once you enter one, it will take you to a page with the permissions it has and also the option to revoke that app’s permissions. If you’re not interested in keeping it linked, it’s as easy as clicking delete.

Revoke Twitter Services

If in the future you want to access this service via OAuth, with Twitter, you will need to link it again. You should always make sure that you don’t have apps or pages that could be dangerous or that you don’t need directly anymore. The less data you expose, the better for your privacy.


As you can see there are many services and platforms you can link to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, as well as Google. This is useful to be able to connect more quickly, without having to enter other data. But of course, at the end of the day, they share information between these services, which sometimes may not be secure. It is important to have control and know at all times with what and when we share data.

It is easy to dissociate a service from social networks. You only have to follow the steps we have given and you will be able to see all the ones you have linked and eliminate those that do not interest you. This way, you can maintain privacy and avoid issues that put your data at risk.

Our advice is that you do not have linked services that could become an issue for your privacy. Control at all times to whom you grant permissions so that they can see your personal data and have access to information such as your email, full name, contact list, etc. Otherwise, you could give access to services which at some point is going to be a problem.


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