How to take advantage of social networks to boost your business


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Social networks have become a powerful tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to gain wide visibility for their products or services. 2021 data estimate that 4.3 billion people use social media , which represents more than half of the world’s population, estimated at 7.9 billion people. This probably shows that in this type of platform the opportunities to reach the desired target audience are many.

For brands, it is now almost an obligation to use social networks in their commercial strategy, since on average users spend around two and a half hours a day on social platforms. However, in the process, some important aspects must be taken into account in order to successfully establish a correct course that allows us to know perfectly the tastes and needs of customers. The connection with the public is essential.

The first step is to identify which of the current social networks your target is on . This is extremely necessary to know because currently the list of high consumption social networks is diverse, with platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Kwai, among others. You need to understand that in each of them your niche can vary greatly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind for your brand or business to have a positive impact on social media:

Create content with your audience in mind

As important as it is to maintain a steady pace of posts, the truth is that there’s no point in creating content that isn’t in sync with your audience.

For best results, it is always absolutely necessary to know your customer well, their tastes and the aspects of your brand that have caught their attention. This will allow you to design the indicated content, with the ideal language and the perfect tone that will allow you to connect and bond with this target audience.

why are you posting

Unlike with personal profiles, when it comes to brands or personal businesses, it’s important to be clear about the intent of each post. Not only do you need to know what my audience wants, but also the purpose of posting something.

Some of the questions to consider before posting are: What reaction do I want to generate? What interaction do I want? Why am I sharing this information?

Don’t always show what you’re selling

We’ve already talked about the importance of connecting and building a connection with the audience. Therefore, it’s important to be clear that not everything you post has to be related to the products or services you sell. This will in no way help you retain your customers; on the contrary, it can cost you followers.

Brands that manage to touch the mind of the consumer stand out from their competitors by sharing their philosophy and connecting with people. In your plan you should also include, for example, content related to the brand’s social engagement, this way better connections are created than when you only share what you want to sell.

listen to your customers

Communication is a fundamental element of any connection in social networks. Being attentive to resolving doubts, before and after the sale, is the best message you can leave to your customers.

Not only does it provide support and security so that they are enticed to buy again, but it also has a positive impact so that the opinion of these third parties conveys confidence and peace of mind to others interested in your brand.

Track the impact of what you post

The right way to know if you are doing a good job is to measure the impact of your posts. Most social networks offer in-depth metrics on how people have reacted to your posts, so a weekly review is necessary to never lose sight of what your followers like the most, who are the people they have fun with. reacted better, and even when are the best times to post.

With all this data, you can improve your work and create better content to generate greater impact on social networks every day.

(About the Author: Sergio Ramos Montoya is editor of social media geek to place)


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