How much time do you spend on social media?


Admit it. You spend your day on your phone. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people have taken to social media to stay in touch and up to date. So much so that the time spent online has increased exponentially.

Which social network is the most used? In which country do Internet users spend the most time online? We have the numbers.

According to GWI and We Are Social’s Digital 2022 Global Overview Report, a “typical” global Internet user now spends six hours and 58 minutes a day surfing the Internet, “across all devices.” This corresponds to more than 40% of a person’s waking life spent online, if we consider that an individual sleeps seven to eight hours a day. That’s an increase of four minutes in one year.

It’s a sum that may seem insignificant, but which, multiplied by all the Internet users in the world, represents more than five billion days of additional use, according to We Are Social. According to the study’s estimates, Internet users could spend more than 12.5 trillion hours online worldwide by 2022.

Which nationality spends the most time on the Internet?

South Africa has the most addicted Internet users. South Africans aged 16 to 64 report spending an average of 10 hours and 46 minutes a day online. Next come Filipinos, Brazilians and Colombians with more than 10 hours a day. Japanese user reports put the national average at less than 4.5 hours a day, while for China the average is five hours and 15 minutes.

More specifically, the time spent on social networks represents 35% of a user’s online activity. This represents two hours and 27 minutes on average per day, two minutes more (+1.4%) than last year.

However, the study indicates a decrease in social media use as a percentage of overall time spent online since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. According to analysis by We Are Social, this phenomenon is explained by the variety of new online activities adopted by Internet users in the last two years, leaving less room for community platforms. In 2019, this percentage had reached its highest rate since 2013 with 36.4% against 35% in 2020 and 35.2% in 2021.

Despite this, social media continues to bring internet users together from all over the world. Users are expected to spend four trillion hours using community platforms, globally in 2022, according to the study.

What is the most popular social network?

Based on App Annie’s analysis, We Are Social determined the platforms most used by Internet users around the world. Although the study does not concern all users but only Android users, who “represent today approximately seven out of ten smartphones used in the world”, the finding remains representative of the majority of Internet users in the world.

YouTube stands out with the site’s average user spending almost 23.7 hours per month on it, or almost a full day. Facebook comes in second with 19.6 hours per month, as does its Chinese rival, TikTok. However, TikTok is only in fifth place as it has fewer users on its Android app. WhatsApp follows with 18.6 hours per month. The Meta group has a major presence in the rankings as Instagram takes fourth place with 11.2 hours per month, for Android users, globally.

While the average time spent on Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp, per month, remained relatively stable, Instagram saw a 10% growth over last year, or the equivalent of one hour of additional usage per month.

A dazzling success since 2020, TikTok has posted the biggest increase with 48% more than last year at the same time, an average of six hours and 20 minutes more per month. The United Kingdom, where Android users spend the most time on the Chinese social network with 27.3 hours, followed by Russia (26.3 hours) and finally the United States with 25.6 hours. – AFP Relax news


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