How do you lead society and create noticeable social change? Here’s what young people can do


Young people can achieve this in different ways, creating signs and posters using art deemed effective in educating, as well as videos and speeches.

By Shrikant Tyagi

India’s population is among the youngest in the fast-growing world, and this valuable asset needs to be carefully equipped with the right skills to seize the plethora of opportunities on offer in today’s dynamic world. This unique demographic advantage can play a vital role in bringing about significant social change and presents multiple exciting opportunities for India’s future, in terms of social mobility, economic growth and an even stronger cultural fabric. inclusive and diverse and a safe, healthy and supportive environment. Here are some ways young people can lead this society and successfully create remarkable social change:

  1. Socialization- young people need to participate in public awareness campaigns and speak with confidence to educate people and care about a social issue. Organize such public awareness campaigns at school, in the community and online to generate public debate. Young people can achieve this in different ways, creating signs and posters using art deemed effective in educating, as well as videos and speeches. Plus, there’s never been a better time in history to reach millions of people through social media – in the form of Twitter hashtags, blogs, memes and online petitions.
  1. Volunteering- volunteering is one of the best ways to make a real difference in our society. Charities and organizations are always finding ways to help young people who want to get involved in community service. Young people should give time and help in nursing homes, orphanages and service groups where community service is a practice. Greater involvement in community service helps charities and organizations realize their ideas and make a much bigger difference! Engaging in such community service gives first-hand knowledge of the situation of lower segments of society and builds empathy.
  1. Expression- there are times when the uneducated and backward sections of society, although they know their rights and problems, are not aware of communicating them to organizations, higher authorities and government bodies. Young people can greatly help these segments in such cases. Students can help communicate grievances by contacting them by writing a well-written letter or even requesting a meeting with them to show what needs to be changed. It’s something easily achievable that can make a difference.
  1. Raising funds and organizing donation campaigns- are concrete ways for young people to contribute to the community around them. Funds can be raised by selling items such as artwork, selling entertainment through music and dancing, or even raising charitable funds for a charity. Donating your old and used clothes, books or toys to a non-profit organization for the poor can be of great help to those in need.

The active participation of young people will not only significantly contribute to realizing the potential of the country, but also bring various language skills, new ways of thinking, innovative ideas among young people. These strategies will empower young people to become future leaders and help them achieve personal and professional growth while contributing to the country’s goals and aspirations.

(The author is a social activist from Modinagar (UP). The views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of Financial Express Online.)

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