He mocked his teeth on social media but one invitation changed his life: “I couldn’t believe her”.


Paige GriffinOriginally from Walsall, Birmingham, she has been bullied for the color of her teeth since she was very young. The 26-year-old is now prey to this prejudice via the social network every time she uploads a video on Tiktok. But one call changed everything forever.

The young woman said the trolling continues forever, and in recent years when she created a TikTok page where she was inundated with hateful comments. This caused her to go into a depression that made her doubt her abilities even in her job as a sales consultant as she felt embarrassed to show her face.

People accused him of not brushing his teethAnd one of them said, “They look like cave necklaces.”

Peggy Griffin has suffered from bullying since childhood because of the color of her teeth.

“Do you know what a toothbrush is? I can send you one if you want,” wrote another user on this social network. A third added mischievously: “These teeth are like charred fence posts.”

Luckily for Griffin, social media came to his The main goal of connecting people. It was his case. The conversation was in full swing and one morning he received a private message on his account.

It was a team of Turkish dentists who invited him to have his mouth treated. They gave her a new porcelain crown and a set of teeth at no cost. This saved him about $7,000.He only had to pay for a $180 low-cost plane ticket to Turkey.

After multiple filings and extractions, Paige Griffin had her mouth reconstructed.

He had come to these countries in the first days of last June. And when first diagnosed, the dentists told Paige that the real cause of the stained teeth was a . due to gum diseaseWhich was overlooked by Paige’s previous dentists.

In less than a month, the English housewife was smiling again thanks to a quick treatment she had undergone. “For years people said I had wheelie bin teeth, because I had one black, one brown and one green“, Told.

“All my life I refused to smile showing my teeth, but now I can’t stop smiling. I never had a chance, So at first I couldn’t believe him when he came to help me with my problem.

“Now my life has completely changed,” the woman said. daily starThe tiktoker had nine fillings and two teeth removed before the process began.

Peggy Griffin has new teeth and her life is changed forever:

Page Griffin has made new teeth and her life has changed forever: “I’m happy now,” said the 26-year-old Englishwoman.

Then came the moment that Peggy had been waiting for so long: already with a fresh mouth, she was going to post photos with her new smile on the network. It was like sweet revenge, However, it was not: “I thought they would keep bothering me, But the haters were drowned out by the positive support and praise from thousands of other people who congratulated me for the first time. So I didn’t even notice them and just had fun. I never thought I would feel so beautiful and now I am,” the woman said happily.

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