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– Unveiling of the “Diary of a social worker”
– For one year, fellows will be immersed in skills development and action learning
– Involvement of young people in the development of backward regions and vulnerable communities

Bhubaneswar: Center for Youth and Social Development (CYSD), an organization that has worked tirelessly as a pioneering force in the multi-dimensional field of social development, is going to celebrate its 40th founding day. To mark the occasion, CYSD has launched a one-year Gopabandhu Fellowship program for young professionals in an immersion program as agents of social change. Young graduates from various academic backgrounds such as humanities, social work, social sciences, anthropology, geography, development studies, rural development, youth development, law, general sciences , computer, communication, and media studies came together to learn about local realities and common social issues in the state. 32 out of 300 applicants were chosen to attend the Youth Leadership Development Camp for Gopabandhu Scholars, which takes place over three days at CYSD.

The book “Diary of a Social Worker” by famous civil society activist Jagadish Pradhan was published on the occasion of this event. It encapsulates the spirit of a social worker’s journey behind his rest – his pain, his speculations and his apprehensions. The book contains the peaks and pitfalls, struggles and successes of the author’s life as a social worker. Dr. Bhagaban Prakash, thought leader and civil society expert as well as founder and mentor of CYSD Shri Jagadananda, unveiled these memoirs during a special ceremony at the end of the three-day leadership camp.

Dr Bhagaban Prakash, the guest of honor at the event, said, “It is our natural instinct to help others. Every ordinary person has the potential for social work and social good, which only needs to be awakened and is only possible through social analysis. This book is a primer for all the bright young people here and anyone entering the field of social work.”

CYSD Member Secretary Shri Jagadananda coordinated the program saying, “Young people must rise to the challenge of rebuilding our social order and envision a better future.”

Shri Jagadish Pradhan, the author of the book, said: “Coming from a farming family, I had to drop out of my law studies due to drought which caused great financial hardship in my family. After a brief period of political involvement, I realized that I could achieve the same goals through social work. This book captures my experiences, which I first wrote as a guide for young social workers on their journey to I am extremely happy that this book is being published in such a wonderful program and setting.

Law student and camp participant Shradha Nayak says, “As a law student, I realized many issues that plague society as a whole as well as my privileges. I was introduced to the concept of social entrepreneurship two years ago and this camp was extremely useful for me to understand it better. I hope to be a catalyst to bring real change and work at the local level. “

In addition to this, postgraduate student Gopinath Tudu, another camp participant from Koraput, says, “I want to engage better with my community as I understand closely the issues they face and cause a change of mentality. I believe this can only be achieved through collective efforts and this fellowship is the path for me to be able to do so.

This initiative is an important step to encourage young people to participate in social development and provide them with opportunities to connect with social issues.


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